Sterlite Tech's software has a modular approach that allows need-based dockerized micro-services adoption and solutions for IoT, 5G and FTTx networks.

Sterlite Tech aids digital reinvention with new portfolio of software products 

Sterlite Technologies Ltd, the global leader in end-to-end data network solutions, has launched a ‘Digital Software Portfolio’ that enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to go to market faster and assures to offer an enhanced and personalised experience to its users.

The ‘Digital Software Portfolio’ is now available for STL’s CSP customers globally. The software solutions portfolio includes:

  • Digital Revenue Management System
  • Digital Engagement Platform
  • Digital Policy Control and Charging
  • Intellza – Business Analytics Platform
  • Digital Wi-Fi Service Management, including Smart Mobility that allows for automated seamless movement between terrestrial and Wi-Fi networks

Anshoo Gaur, CEO – Network Software at STL said that the company’s software is built with contextual artificial intelligence and machine learning, the products boost customer satisfaction, reduce the cost-to-serve and time-to-market. This drastically simplifies the adoption of innovative data-centric business models inevitable for a digital future. He said that the software portfolio of products is powered by STL’s world-class web-scale architecture and DevOps-on-tap services.

  • With the web-scale architecture approach, the portfolio products can be very rapidly scaled and personalized, giving CSPs the agility to positively impact customer experience. The products can be deployed as solutions in the cloud, allowing CSPs to auto-scale on-demand with zero downtime.
  • At the same time, STL’s DevOps-on-tap services ensure faster rollouts and time to market. These services facilitate a seamless and accelerated transition from legacy platforms to next-gen architecture without compromising the agility in rolling out new services to users.

The ‘Digital Software Portfolio’ ensures holistic solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the CSPs’ existing systems. The press release says that its modular approach allows need-based dockerized micro-services adoption and solutions for IoT, 5G and FTTx networks.

Based on STL’s results of current implementations, these solutions drastically reduce infrastructure costs, significantly reduce deployment time and increase deployment/upgrade speed by over 50% with seamless rollbacks in case of issues. This reduces software and patches delivery time from weeks or months to a day or even a few hours, to ensure smoother operations with minimal human interventions. The portfolio equips CSPs to evolve from function-centric organizations to next-gen data-centric organization.






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