Huawei Mobile Services enhances digital experience of HONOR users in India

Huawei Mobile Services expressed its intention to bridge HONOR smartphone users in India with global digital content providers.

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Huawei Mobile Services connects


Huawei Mobile Services came on stage in Global Connect India Conference with global content providers and presented a strong keynote to bridge HONOR smartphone users in India with global digital content providers globally.

Kick-starting the global connection with a conference launch, Global Connects India, an event for the internet industry in China and India, highlighted opportunities for local and global players to expand in industries such as online entertainment, Internet finance, cross-border e-commerce, game release, life service, and online education.

Living in an era of the fully connected world, Huawei Mobile Services continue evolving to provide superior user experience, fulfilling the commitment in bringing the world closer. With India predicted to surpass China as the most populous country in the world soon, the internet consumption is unsurprisingly high too with almost 500 million of existing internet users in the country.


According to the press statement, Huawei official apps distribution platform, HUAWEI AppGallery has recorded 120 billion downloads with 270 million monthly active users and on-boarded 560,000 developers worldwide as of 2018.

The statement indicates that users can easily find many contents to enrich their digital life. Besides that, users also can benefit from gift center in HUAWEI AppGallery which provides users with a gift, discount, and VIP privileges. Huawei says it provides a one-stop solution to developers with the massive number of users, app developers globally can easily touch millions of users when distributing digital contents.

Huawei also offers Apps promotion solution through preloading in all new HONOR phones.  App developers also can opt their apps to be featured in OOBE, Top Apps Folder, AppGallery. This solution gives app developers an edge against competitors in the same market due to the massive phone's shipment yearly. As per the report, Huawei shipped over 200 million smartphones in 2018 and 35% year on year growth.

Huawei Mobile Services also provides Cost per Download advertising service to app developers. Advertisers only get charged when HONOR users download advertised apps. According to the statistic, advertisers can expect 20% users’ conversion rate which above industry standard.  Advertised apps will be featured in Essential App, Featured Page, Top search, search results, and recommendations in HUAWEI AppGallery.