5 trends VoIP to witness in 2019

VoIP is definitely going to be revolutionary telecommunication technology by each passing day.  Use of virtual phone numbers will not only help you go global but also improve the reach of your business. So, buy a virtual phone number and implement VoIP today and reap its long-term benefits in the future

n a progressive world, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technology is also churning out a good portion of progress. In the wake of the latest technology and recent innovations, VoIP has grown by leaps and bounds. This unique and inexpensive voice communication technology offered in the form of a virtual phone number is touching the horizon of success and popularity by each passing day.

The depth of this statement can be understood with the fact that the total active virtual numbers will touch the mark of 171 million worldwide, just by the end of the year 2018.

This growth, over a mere time period of four years, is commendable and give us a clear picture that VoIP has a bright future. With the integration of cloud technology and AI in Virtual Phone Number, more and more people prefer a virtual communication mean over the traditional telephone.

The fact that VoIP has a bright future stands on a firm ground. If you are a global business and using a virtual phone number, which we believe you must be, then here are some of the latest VoIP trends that are going to rule the industry in the year 2019.

  1. More and more use of Mobile Unified Communication

Just like we have an app for every other thing in real life, the VoIP industry will also explore the high-end functionality of app-based virtual numbers. Now various VoIP service providers are offering the embedded app support system for an advanced support system.

Going forward, the launch of 5G has augmented the functionality of mobile app VoIP support system. Wide and multiple uses of mobile UC technology is going to be trending in approaching the year. Companies are likely to use the app-based Virtual Phone Numbers for doing business video calls, team meetings, and conferencing independently.

A situation when 58% of total men of power in the UK are working under remote location in the UK, the use of 5G enabled mobile app supported virtual numbers will be a great help to overcome this location constraint.

  1. A merger of WebRTC and VoIP

The approaching time will witness the merger of two de-facto communication systems, WebRTC and VoIP. Considered as an extension to VoIP, WebRTC will help in exchanging peer-to-peer files, and calling directly from your web browser.

With this innovative merger, you need not download any extra plug-in and widget for performing actions. The mobile –app of your virtual phone number will be able to do it directly.

Launched by Google in the year 2011, WebRTC has now become the future of VoIP and makes it more potential. There are some areas like instant calling from websites and live video support for the conferencing where VoIP struggles hard to fit in. However, all this can be achieved effortlessly with the help of WebRTC.

  1. We will bid adieu to POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems)

In the wake of the latest and leading cloud, mobile-app based and virtual technology, global business will clearly bid adieu to the traditional POTS or Plain Old Telephone System. A large chunk of companies has started relying upon the fiber cabling or VoIP over traditional copper-wired landline phone system. As per the latest report, a near about 42 million business will welcome VoIP with open arms.

The number is almost two-fold extra in comparison of what it was four years ago. With the need for a local business number for global operations, local POTS don’t hold any grounds.

Virtual phone number companies like CallHippo are providing them voice mailing, SMS services across the world at an affordable cost and with a local number. With such wide-spread usage of Virtual telephony, no business will like to hold back itself with the traditional phone system.

  1. More concern towards security measures.

Like any other virtual product, VoIP is also very prone to virtual crimes. Business will pay equal attention towards the security of the virtual phone numbers as they are paying attention to the implementation of them in real-time situations.

Seeing the unwavering need to have a robust security system for VoIP, various products of the categories comes with authorized user login system along with secure cloud space. In addition, some products (as the one state as example above) offer spam filtering and malware protection for safe and secure usage.

  1. VoIP will join hands with the Internet of Things

Reports, issued by Siemens, have cleared one fact that by 2020, there will be around 26 billion Internet of Thing objects replacing the mobile phones. VoIP enabled numbers will be able to get connected with other devices easily. On the same note, zettabytes Internet connectivity of all these devices will perform the tasks at supersonic speed leaving no scope of errors.

Ankit Dhudwewala

(The author is Founder, CallHippo)

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