4 must-have apps for monsoon season

NEW DELHI: It’s again the season of unstoppable pouring which can hinder one’s movement out while stepping out of the house. Since we cannot do much about the uncertain showers, there is one way to keep abreast of the situation before we go out during monsoon is to have an accurate weather app on Windows smartphones.

Traffic Forecast: During the monsoon season, long traffic jams are very common. With Traffic Forecast application on Windows phone, people can know geographic information of different routes with the estimated time.

MyCarzBeta: There is a high possibility of vehicles breaking down in the rainy season. But with MyCarzBeta app on Windows Phone, one can find the nearest repair workshop and can also get car maintenance tips.

Smart Alarm: This app is an accurate alarm which reacts based on weather conditions set by the user. Smart Alarm achieves this by performing intermittent weather checks based on the users’ current location to ensure the user has an accurate, credible weather alarm.

Weather HD: Rainy season brings with it its own set of problems, one of which is carrying an umbrella. So to carry or not to carry an umbrella is no more a worry for you with the Weather HD, a weather app based on geographic information using which users can collect weather information and then plan acco

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