Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hotstar and others have all been instructed to reduce their streaming bitrates especially in HD

4 Pocket Friendly Video Streaming Apps That Fit Your Budget

Video Streaming Apps are apps that basically transmit data – usually audio and video – via the internet to users so that they can enjoy their favourite shows, movies and new original content also. These apps provide users subscription-based VOD (Video-on-Demand) that offers them access to film and TV content and also original content by producers of each different apps. The OTT (Over The Top) market recently stood at Rs 3500 crore.

There are 40 video streaming apps available in India, but not all 40 are recognized by the people. Most popular video streaming apps of 2019  are Hotstar, Amazon Prime, VOOT and Netflix.

Here we have compared Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix and VOOT on the basis of their prices and the services they provide.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hotstar vs Voot



Netflix is the most popular app among all the video streaming apps

Netflix is the most popular OTT Platform

Netflix is dominant among each of them but its price could be its drawback. It has a vast number of movies and shows including the oldest running shows, but a few people may find it a tad bit expensive to buy the subscription of Netflix. So apps such as Amazon Prime and Hotstar give it a tough competition. But to get back in the market, Netflix has introduced a mobile-only plan trialled at Rs. 250 per month.

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Amazon Prime

Hotstar app with multiple shows and movies

Amazon Prime is the most viewed video streaming app

Amazon Prime is the most viewed OTT platform as it offers viewers various multilingual movies and shows. It also offers free music without ads at Rs 129 per month. It allows the user to watch its shows and movies at multiple screens at the same time.

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A screenshot of Hotstar app in mobile

Hotstar is one of the most popular video streaming app

Hotstar, which was introduced in India in 2016, has plans starting at Rs199 per month and already has 75 million subscriptions. It has risen at a rapid pace in India because of the big shows such as Game Of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother. It also has a segment of Hotstar Sports which shows live matches online with just a delay of 5 minutes.

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Voot is one of the free video streaming apps available in India

Voot is a free video streaming app

VOOT is absolutely free. It streams shows of various channels owned by viacom18 and also streams movies. People may prefer this app because it is free of cost and offers almost the same features as that of other streaming apps.

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OTT PlatformsRs/monthTrial PeriodVariety of showsStreams
Netflix500 (basic)30days 14,835 total titles.1
Amazon Prime12930days2000 movies and 400 showsNO LIMIT
Hotstar19930days 100,000 hours of movies and TV content1
VootfreeFree version40,000 hours of entertainmentNO LIMIT

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