4 Leadership Lessons One Can Take from India’s Richest Person, Mukesh Ambani

Here are the four leadership lessons one can take from the country’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani.

1. Firstly, courage. During his address at the celebration of 40 years of success of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani said: “Sahas aur himmat zindagi mein bahut zaroori hai.”

Nobody has ever achieved anything big, in business or in any other walk of life, without courage. Of course, whenever you do anything big, you do feel a little scared. But you’ve got to conquer fear to discover the hidden hero within you. Sahas ek aisi taqat hai, jis se darr ko bhi darr lagta hai.

2. The second lesson is – feel empathy. Empathy means caring and sharing, with every human being in our organization and the world at large. The more we care, the higher we grow as human beings, he said.

3. The third lesson is –having absolute faith in technology and talent. In every business we have started, we have always embraced the latest technology and have attracted the best talent. When top technology and talent work together, they produce unbeatable creativity, innovation and invention.

4. Lastly, ‘dil ka rishta’. Like my father, he said, I value trust, loyalty and a direct heart-to-heart relationship. As we enter Reliance’s golden decade, I want to commend these learnings to the next generation of Reliance.

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