3 Innovative Marketing Techniques

Marketing often comes down to experimentation. Evolving trends and cutting-edge technologies mean that your marketing department should constantly be on the look-out for the latest methods to adopt. By using the latest marketing techniques, the modern marketer is far better able to represent their business and brand with the most accurate content and campaigns. This is often in the face of constantly dwindling marketing budgets, making it much harder to find the right balance between budget and expansion. That’s why innovation and creativity are the only way to succeed in the current business climate. If you’re planning your new marketing campaign and are looking for innovative trends and techniques, here are the three most popular strategies in the digital age.

Social media tools

One thing that hasn’t changed in the modern business world is that word of mouth remains one of the most important tools at the marketer’s disposal. It’s just that the medium has changed, and online testimonials are far more impactful than any other form of personal recommendation, especially when it comes to social media. Because social media can be littered with good and bad reviews, be sure to have a customer service team to spot and put out fires when needed.

What’s more, when it comes to using social media in the right way, it’s vital that you get to grips with the management tools available, with Hootsuite and Hubspot allowing you to manage and schedule your public and private messages more easily. This is great for when you have regular blog posts to post onto your social media pages, but don’t have the time to do so manually.

Customization in the digital age

Consumers want to be treated as individuals, yet this can be difficult when you’ve never met them in person and have many customers to please and speak to. Therefore, finding ways to customize their experience is the best means of adding a layer of personalization without spending too much time on these admin processes. You could, for example, offer a customized catalog for clients and customer by introducing an SAP Consumer Portal available from Weaveability.com, which allows customers to personalize wish lists while having pricing specific to them. You could also ensure your emails are addressed to everyone individually, and are specific to their interests.

New age marketing tools

Traditional methods of marketing are no longer as effective as they used to be, so if you’re spending money on television or newspaper advertising, or sending out non-customized email blasts then you’re simply wasting valuable time. If you use an e-commerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce, then there are apps to choose from that let you promote additional items for sale when a customer has added something specific to their shopping cart. Bundling together similar products so that customers are automatically shown additional items is a great way to boost your sales. This level of automation is easy to set up and is ideal for those looking for new ways to improve their sales figures.

Marketing has changed in the digital age, but the fundamentals remain the same. Consumers may have changed the ways that they browse and buy, but their needs remain the same. Addressing those needs and finding innovative ways to deliver on your marketing promises is the best way to run a successful campaign.

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