“2018 has been crucial in terms of data generation, data management and security”, Citrix’s Makarand Joshi

Speaking about 2019 and The Next Phase of Transformation, Makarand Joshi also highlighted how this year has been “ crucial in terms of data generation, data management and security.” Mr. Joshi who is the Area Vice President & Country Head, India Subcontinent, Citrix, believes that organizations across the world, have been in the constant search to harvest data, and analyze it to gain a competitive edge. Due to this, it has made the adoption of secure data management and collaboration tools that much more significant. AI, analytics and machine learning with existing cloud led platforms has opened new facets of efficiency in organizations across the globe, especially so in India.

Developments like the rolling out of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), draft bill and report for India’s own Personal Data Protection Bill and the data localization regulation introduced by the government and RBI (Reserve Bank of India) have created a jolt of uncertainty across organizations in India and globally.  The importance of securely managing personal data and ensuring consent is now more pronounced than it was before. The journey to data security is a marathon but the finish line is still a little blurry. Enterprises have been in the process of completely understanding existing policies and the complexities that surround it as well as allocating resources to ensure compliance.

Throughout the following year, organizations must make concerted efforts towardsfully adapting to policies and regulations. Enterprises will need to view regulations like the GDPR as an opportunity to encapsulate their solutions and processes in a secure IT layer. Further, companies must also focus on placing the needs of consumers before anything else and treat data with respect.


AI: Making its presence felt across sectors
Enterprises across sectors are increasingly looking toward this technology to enhance their internal and external processes. AI has recently gained prominence owing to its ability to integrate with technologies like cloud, analytics and security solutions. Further, owing to the rising storage costs and increase in the number of connected devices, AI has now taken a front seat in an IT set-up. This is further validated by a Gartner forecast that pegs AI-driven business value to reach $3.9 trillion in 2022.

When analytics is integrated with machine learning and AI, it can bring forth profound changes for businesses. In the exceedingly competitive landscape that exists today, in 2019, analytics and AI will play a huge role in getting ahead of the curb. The scope for AI adoption will further expand with sectors like education, transport, healthcare as well as government owned entities taking up this technology to improve their efficiency.
2019 will witness the evolved transformation phase of technology adoption. Enterprises must ensure that they are reaping the most out of these offerings and are driving business growth with ‘change’ at the core of their processes.

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