Zoho updates CRM with new features

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New Update

Zoho has added three additional features to its online customer relationship management software (CRM) namely a Document Library module, MailMagnet filters and location awareness in mobile.


Document Library enables sales people to centrally store, manage and collaborate on all sales-related collateral. The MailMagnet feature reduces email clutter for sales people by filtering mails based on their active deals in Zoho CRM. The iPhone, iPad and Android app updates allow sales people on the field to instantly locate customers and leads near their current location.

Document Library - The new Documents module is a built-in library that creates a secure, central repository within Zoho CRM, ensuring that all users have access to the latest versions of sales-related collateral. Users can create folders and share them with select users and groups according to role-based security. The Documents module allows users to upload and create files in multiple formats. Users can email documents like proposals, collateral etc., to customers directly from the document library. Built-in integration with the Zoho Office suite allows users to view and edit documents right within the browser. This new feature comes with 250MB of free storage per user, for all Zoho CRM Professional Edition users. Enterprise users get 500MB of free storage per user.

MailMagnet - MailMagnet helps sales people reduce their email clutter and letting them focus on emails that matter - emails from customers and prospects. It intelligently scans user's mailbox and displays only emails from prospects and customers that are relevant inside CRM. Users can reply to emails, add follow-up tasks and write important notes from the MailMagnet panel. A notification is displayed on-screen when a new email arrives from someone listed in the user's Zoho CRM Contacts or Leads module. MailMagnet works with Zoho Mail, Gmail, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange and other email services.

Location Awareness in Mobile - Location awareness has been added to Zoho CRM iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps. This new feature lets field sales people to instantly view customers and prospects near their current location and display them on a Map. This feature is handy for users on the go who want to look at other customers or prospects near their current location, view their contact information and call them for a possible meeting. Users can access this feature in the Leads & Contacts modules in Zoho CRM mobile apps.

Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist, Zoho said, "2012 has been a great year for Zoho CRM with a complete revamp of user interface, new mobile apps, social integrations and many more powerful features. Now, we're beginning 2013 with major enhancements to productivity and mobility for our Zoho CRM users. Document Library, MailMagnet and Location Awareness in Mobile allow sales people to focus on customers and close deals instead of keeping track of emails and documents."