Zebronics launches Virtual Reality 3D for smartphones with ZEB-VR Headset

BENGALURU: Zebronics has launched its first major consumer-oriented virtual-reality headset for Rs 1600. The VR Headset has applications in fields, like gaming, education, or in medical field, it opens up a whole new world of reality with ultra immersive experience.

ZEB-VR Headsets comes in dark black color with blue rims. The headsets have thick memory foam padding for extra comfort while the consumer plays games and watches movies for an extended period. Also it features a pair of lenses with interpupillary distance and focus adjustment based on the phone display size and the user’s eye focus comfort. It has straps (elastic harness) that hold it all in place.

The smartphone mount in the headset is soft cushioned with magnetic lock for the adjustable front cover, which ensures that the phone is aligned well with lenses. ZEB-VR comes with magnet toggle switch, the ring is made of rare earth metal neodymium and the disc is made of ceramic. This switch enables the user to interact with the mobile phone VR application.

Zebronics says that the Zeb VR is a great way to jump into the world of VR gaming and entertainment – best combined with Zebronics ZEB-75WG bluetooth gamepad Gamepad, this combination takes the VR gaming experience to a whole new level! Being compatible with the Cardboard amid more VR games available from App store, one could also discover the AR apps with camera window. Weighing less than 103 grams, the Zeb VR is a virtual reality gadget to buy. Currently it is available on Snapdeal.

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