WeP Solutions to sign agreement with Israel-based ePaper Ltd for offering secure printing solutions

​WeP Solutions recently signed an agreement with Israel-based ePaper Ltd in a bid towards bringing world-class secure printing solutions for organizations in India. With this, the company officially becomes the only entity in India to provide solutions powered by Sentinel, a secure, pull printing solution developed by ePaper Ltd.

Printer hacking is a major threat for many organizations and it is possible to attack an unsecured printer with ease.

Mr Manish Garg, Chief Executive MPS, WeP Solutions Ltd, said, “With this agreement, WeP has become the first service provider in the country to offer a secure and stable printing environment for Indian businesses. The usage of multi-purpose printers or MFPs is prominent in small-to-large organizations because it makes day-to-day operations easier. However, this also exposes them to security vulnerabilities. Organizations must take measures to protect their print environment as it is widely prone to attacks and printers, by default, have no security. Products powered by Sentinel will not only improve security surrounding printing, scanning and copying but also decrease costs through the reduction of wastage and optimization of toner usage.”

The solutions provided under this agreement include security, cloud printing, and device management. Organizations can now protect their confidential data and print from anywhere to anywhere, thus omitting the dependency on any other network. It will now become possible to monitor, manage and track all the printers spread across any geographic region through one dashboard.

Sentinel consists of hardware devices, embedded printer software, and client and server print management software. Users need to first identify themselves using their single sign-on corporate tag, staff/employee card, or a PIN code. This way, restricted documents can only be viewed by the person sending them. Additionally, the Scan to Me feature prevents sending scanned documents to the wrong address.

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