We recently introduced an end-to-end managed WBA solution

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How has the recession affected mobility in India and globally?

There has been a sudden surge in accepting mobility in the country-be it

laptop, iPhone, or any other gadget that keeps you going. Many companies are

looking at enabling complete mobility and Wi-Fi for their employees. Mobility is

the main driver for increase in Wi-Fi usage. Besides, there is saving on wiring

cost, and also allows easy relocation. With the notebook being affordable and

the growth being more than 100% y-o-y, the need for Wi-Fi has become central and



Which verticals are investing on mobility solutions?

Manufacturing has started looking at Wi-Fi. One of the factors being that

they are investing and moving from desktop to laptops that allow them to walk

into shop floor, and enter data and information on real-time basis. Hand-held

devices, too, have made a huge difference in the increase of Wi-Fi. Presently,

the education vertical in India is the biggest contributor to the growing demand

for Wi-Fi. Few other campus Wi-Fi done by Ruckus Wireless are AMIT Chennai,

Thapar University, Sri Ramchandrandra Medical College and University, and Anna


Have you done any innovation on the Wi-Fi technology?

We have recently introduced the industry's first complete, end-to-end

managed, wireless broadband access (WBA) solution that gives service providers a

cost-effective, build-as-you-grow model for offering broadband data services in

developing urban environments. That too, at a fraction of the cost of

alternative approaches. Ruckus Wireless's BeamFlex is the innovation, and it is

an integrated array of antenna on PCB chip, wherein twelve antennae are

in-built. Ruckus Wireless also uses smart BeamFlex technology that calculates

the reliable and quickest way to reach the client. It provides two to four times

more coverage and reliability and wire class quality than its competitors. It

works at both the chipset and antenna level.

Have you resolved the security issues of wireless solutions?

All wireless solutions are security enabled. The difference Ruckus Wireless

brings is the Dynamic Pre Shared Key (PSK) which has simplified security for IT

managers. Advances in Wi-Fi security have eliminated many of these problems

through the use of virtually uncrackable wireless encryption that scrambles data

beyond the point where someone can decrypt it. Enterprises should also invest in

a robust, reliable, manageable Wi-Fi network than deploying a vanilla home-based

Wi-Fi equipment, which is a huge threat to the enterprise's LAN security.

Kannan K