We are planning to launch 2 latest smartphones in the Indian market

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How is ViewSonic planning to grow in the Indian market?


ViewSonic is the US leader in display technology. ViewSonic has introduced the best of technologies in the Indian market like LED, 3D, etc. We have seen a leap in growth in the last 3 months with our new management and marketing strategy. The company will continue to offer up-to-date technology product to the market and that is what is making us stand out in the market. We will soon be launching our new range of smartphones, tablets, digital signage, etc, in the Indian market.

What are the USPs of your products?


The company provide latest technology products in the Indian market, be it 3D monitors, 3D projectors, interactive projectors, digital photo frame, tablet, at the most competitive prices.

We have various ranges in the tablet segment from 7-10”. We have 3 models in the 10” tablet with dual operating systems based on android and Windows.

When is ViewSonic launching android smartphone?


ViewSonic is planning to launch the 2 latest smartphones in the Indian market by the end of this quarter. One among the 2 handsets to be released soon is ViewSonic V350, which will be dual SIM, android 2.2, touch panel smartphones with GSM/GSM combination or GSM/WCDMA combination. It is the USP of this product and to top it, it has the latest ViewScene 3D interface.

Do you see Indian enterprises adopting more mobility solutions?

The tablets are fascinating for many reasons. They have efficiency like notebooks, can replace mobiles, are sleek, portable, lightweight, touch enabled, and highly efficient in delivering media and entertainment/networking. One of the important selling attractions is the pricing. The 4”-7” tablets are available at the prices of the high-end smartphones available in the market.


For CEOs, executives, etc, who have to travel a lot need a gadget that will keep them moving along with their work and so comes the need of tablets and smartphones which will solve all the communication issues.

Do you foresee handset vendors experimenting and getting a lot out of 3D handsets?

3D viewing gives a real-life experience with an additional dimension to the normal flat picture, thereby making television viewing experience more exciting. The growing availability of 3D content will add to the technology's popularity. Other than movies, the 3D technology is taking its way through the gaming sector. 3D is mainly into films, games, and videos. All these are directly connected to gadgets, which are handy and ready to be taken anywhere to enjoy your choice of content. That is why companies are spending more to give 3D ready content in their latest products.

Archana Singh