'We will be opening the India office very soon'

VoicenData Bureau
New Update


us about Protek and your tie-up with Escosoft.

Protek develops, markets and supports software solutions for next-generation
convergent services providers and large enterprises, ensuring a predictable and

rapid return on investment in a safe and secure environment. Escosoft has

entered into an agreement with us to aggressively tap the fastest growing

telecom and ISP sector in India and to set up full-fledged operations. We are

part of the consortium and have bid for the BSNL’s CDR project. Escosoft is

our system integrator.


What is your view about BSNL’s project?

The project in itself is unprecedented. The rollout is going to be of an

astronomical proportion, considering the widespread network of BSNL consisting

of more than 300 SSAs. Now that they have decided to do it in phases is

indicative of BSNL’s seriousness about the project.

What do you think about convergent billing?

We are heading towards that scenario and I feel it should be a reality in

about three to four years time.

Tell us about your India operation.

We have been studying the Indian market for the past 15 months now. We will

open India office very soon.

Sudesh Prasad