We expect to see 3-5% of the advertising spend going into mobile marketing

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What are some of the innovations that are happening in

the mobile marketing space, vis-à-vis content and technology?

Mobile is opening up in a variety of ways, with trends such as mobile

Internet presence and interaction, downloadable applications, and customer

service applications developing as the key areas to watch out for. The

combination of flat rate data packages, Wi-Fi, and application stores is

creating new opportunities for customers to interact with the mobile Internet.


The take-up of 3G services and vastly improved device

interfaces are improving the user experience for millions of mobile subscribers,

as access becomes smooth and instant. We have reached the point where the PC

experience is mirrored on mobile phone. It is natural that the next phase of

mobile is all about content, rich media, and convenience of converged services.

It is the convergence of music, games, and mobile Internet that is attracting

brands to mobile as a marketing platform.

Where do you see the next wave of growth?

Functionality and affordability are the two leading factors driving mobile

adoption in Asia. China, India, and Indonesia are the top three markets offering

the most affordable handsets in Asia.

The four emerging mobile functionalities that are driving

growth in Asia include-mobile payment, mobile gaming, mobile healthcare, and

mobile music. The delivery of advertising within mobile applications (games)

creates a new revenue stream for publishers, distributors, and service

providers. Mobile healthcare is another fast growing segment in APAC.


What trend are you observing in the spend on mobile marketing in APAC,

especially in India?

Asia Pacific remains one of the strongest regions for mobile marketing and

advertising, and accelerating growth will see nearly $7.7 bn (and more than $16

bn globally) spend there in 2011. The current size of the industry in India is

approximately Rs 125 crore, and it is expected to reach Rs 350 crore in the next

two to three years. In the near future, we can expect to see

3-5% of the total advertising spend going into mobile marketing.

What are some of the key challenges in India?

There are some fundamental challenges that hinder the mass usage of content

on mobile phones. These include lack of knowledge among users, mobile browser

constraints leading to poor content quality/experience, and the data charges

associated with the use of Internet over the phone. Innovations that will solve

these challenges will unlock the true potential of the mobile mass media.


Currently, there is a lack of regulations and guidelines.

This may also lead to the risk of mobile phone spam, and consumers losing trust

in mobile marketing.

Social networking has come up as a great media for mobile marketing.....

Social media represents one of the most significant changes in consumer

media behavior in history, resulting in fundamental shifts in the way marketers

communicate and interact with consumers.

The most important aspect of successful mobile marketing

is keeping it targeted. An effective way of accomplishing that is by integrating

mobile marketing into something the target audience actually wants to use. By

incorporating subtle mobile advertising into mobile applications, users get what

they want, while the advertiser gets an opportunity to reach the end-users

without disrupting their experience. However, these are still largely untested

waters, and marketers are still wary of this new environment.

Heena Jhingan