We aim to capture 5% of the mobile handset market

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Could you elaborate on the background and profile of the company?

Olive is a global brand headquartered in India and registered in more than

fifty countries worldwide. We have a significant presence in the emerging

markets of Asia and Africa. With forays now in America and Europe, we hope to

become a force in the domain of telecom mobile and convergence devices. We have

an existing relationship with twenty-four carriers who cover the entire globe.

Our top global management team has expertise and in-depth technical and consumer

insights in the telecom sector for us to design, develop and customize devices

to suit consumer needs of different countries.


How has been the response so far to Olive products in India?

We have recently started our open market operations for devices after

acquiring expertise in customizing devices as per the Indian consumer needs.

Some of our innovative products like sub Rs 2000 QWERTY keypad phone and the

high speed in-built modem Zipbook have found great appreciation and demand

amongst the youth who are the drivers fueling growth of the Indian Industry now

and in the future.

What kind of investments are you looking at ?

We have made substantial investments already in design, testing, R&D and L-4

after-sales equipments. In addition to the design houses in Nanjing and

Shanghai, we also have ID and convergence design centers. We are currently

planning large investments for a design center in India.


What are the company's expansion strategies?

Olive has a global footprint which is to be consolidated and strengthened.

The new devices (with collaborative ventures, independent design house) and our

sales channel in the world's fastest growing market, India, are some of the

areas that will propel our growth plans.

What kind of revenues and market share are you aiming at?

Our aim is to capture 5% of the mobile handset market, 15% of the connected

Zipbook market and become a leader in convergence devices in one year. Our

global revenue for calendar year 2010 is expected to be around $450 mn.

What is your distribution strategy in India?

We aim to be a national player with nationwide distribution through super

distributors, regional distributors and modern retail. We would prefer to have

'Olive Experience Zones' rather than sales points in our future plans.

What is your USP?

Olive is an innovator which believes in developing devices which fulfill

specific consumer needs. A case in point is our Zipbook which allows the

consumer to stay connected 'anytime, anywhere at high speed'. The inconvenience

of an external modem attachment with chances of losing or damaging it are

completely obliterated.

Akhilesh Shukla