VAS TOP10: #2 Comviva―Smooth Going

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Comviva, the subsidiary of Bharti Enterprises, has been tremendously active in mobile value added services industry since 1999. It has presence in over 80 countries, predominantly in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The India based company has set up offices in South Africa, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, and UK in the international market.

Growth Shots in FY11

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The company is a leader in the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) space. In June 2011, it deployed 52 USSD solutions across 39 countries, over 550 mn mobile subscribers have been accessing services powered by the company’s USSD solutions. It handles 130 mn transactions per day on various operators. Comviva has taken the Mobiquity platform which delivers mobile financial services to over 230 mn mobile subscribers, to around 20 markets across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. In May 2011, there have been 92 deployments of mobile money and recharge solutions globally. The other notable milestone in this financial year is the handling of 350 mn hits per day at 1.2 Gbps speed on its Mobile Data Platform (MDP). This platform manages more than 7,500 transactions per second. MDP supports increased data traffic, offers advanced optimization, data management, and monetization techniques to enhance the user experience and stimulate revenue growth, whilst realizing bandwidth and capex savings of over 40%.

International Moves

In July 2011, Comviva entered into a strategic partnership with GTech and Sangeeta, the content providers and music label companies in Bangladesh. This association enabled them to replicate content management solution in Bangladesh and to further leverage on music based services. In June 2011, Jordan partnered with Orange Jordan to provide 3G and CRBT services to Orange subscribers in Jordan. The company struck a 5-year deal in May this year with airtel Africa to manage all VAS nodes and provide services across airtel’s 16 operations in Africa. Besides, it would also manage complexities associated with the emergence of multiple technologies, different standards, myriad applications, and content.

Comviva partnered with a couple of organizations in March 2011-an Africa based content aggregators and mobile marketing agency, Starfish Mobile International and Inmobia, the technology platform and content provider in Africa.

It went on to offer messaging solutions under its Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), Short Message Service Center (SMSC), and BMG (Bulk Messaging Gateway) portfolio to Bangladeshi customers through a partnership with airtel Bangladesh in January 2011.

Product Range

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Comviva offers a vast range of services like mobile music solutions, Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT); voice applications, such as AVAN (Aggregated Voice Applications Network); messaging solutions, including SMS, MMS, USSD, instant messaging, and mobile internet solutions; mobile commerce solutions based on Comviva’s mobiquity m-commerce platform; PreTUPS electronic recharge solution; business support solutions for provisioning, customer care, and loyalty management; mobile device solutions for provisioning and messaging. Besides these, it is a pioneer in the managed services space; managed services include hosted and non-hosted solutions, including hub solutions. Mobile music applications transform the mobile experience, providing a constantly changing source of entertainment for users-and a sustainable revenue stream for operators. Mobile Solutions for the Next Generation (MSNG) is an end-to-end multimedia service delivery engine, providing a wealth of video content and applications. MSNG applications include live TV, download of mobisodes, surveillance, and supports video ringback tone. Through managed services, Comviva exploits its extensive experience in the deployment of value added services, to drive revenue growth with end-to-end managed services for operators for both Comviva and third party solutions.

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