There aren't any competitive products based on open standards today

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Where do Indian telcos stand vis-à-vis global giants?

The Indian market, according to me, is in a very exciting and dynamic phase.

It is a phase of high growth potential that is also reflected in the growth of

SECPL, which has seen double-digit growth in India during the last eight years.

The Indian market consists of well-educated buyers who understand technology and

value Siemens' innovative technology offerings.


In today's scenario, all significant business processes depend on robust IT

and communication environment, and companies that learn how to exploit the

potential of IT and communication will have a significant competitive advantage

in the market.

You have recently come up with an IP communications product, the HiPath

8000? What are the key differentiators of the product from your competitors?

The HiPath 8000 is a native SIP softswitch based on open standards designed

for centralized data center deployment. The solution offers scalability from 300

users up to 100,000 users per server and virtually unlimited number of users in

a network.

Its entire design and deployment model offers the lowest total cost of

ownership (TCO) to enterprises. We also have a lot of fans in the CIOs and CFOs

organizations of our customer organizations.


Peter Gartenberg

CEO, Siemens Enterprise Communications

There are many unified communications products coming to the market. But we

focus on 100% open, non-proprietary implementations and we are the only

providers of carrier-grade, enterprise native SIP softswitch in the market

today, with a data-centric approach and with 99.9% reliability. There aren't any

competitive products based on open standards today and the unique thing about

our solutions is that we give users the freedom to choose the most appropriate

elements for their environment.

What are the target segments for this application?

Our target segments include large enterprises that are present in multiple

locations with IP data networking infrastructure. The product is designed for

large enterprises and also managed service providers (MSP). We feel there are no

players in this segment nationally or internationally having the same reach as


Who are your major clients/partners?

SECPL has a huge clientele from all major sectors in India such as governments,
PSUs, IT, defense, banking and finance, transportation, hospitality, healthcare,

manufacturing, etc. You name a sector and we are there, and in almost all

segments we are the market leader.

Jatinder Singh