Telcos are looking for opex efficient systems

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What are the major power issues in the Indian telecom space?

With the exponential growth of Indian telecom, of all the resources, power

is the scarcest, especially in areas where telecom is currently venturing.

Availability of reliable power which can maintain an uptime of 99.99%, if not

24x7, is a matter of concern for all connected to this industry. HBL had

conducted a thorough survey along the length and breadth of the country to

understand the requirements of each zone/region/circle; and developed

application specific, technologically sound, and value innovative battery range

in the regular lead acid, pure lead tin, and NiCad electrochemistry. Starting

from the super quick recharge types, these battery technologies suit different

application viz non grid/poor grid availability sites, hybrid sites, and sites

equipped with renewable sources such as SPV, win power, etc.


What are the major challenges you are facing in India?

When we look at the telecom market development in India, it is quite evident

that this industry is going through a transition phase, which is a natural

phenomenon for any developing nation. The major concern here is that we need to

consistently upgrade the systems in terms of technological innovation, and

constantly fine tune the implementation of proper O&M guidelines in order to

achieve the system reliability and maximum return on investment.

What would be your focus area in 2009-10?

Customized site solutions and services on demand will be the buzzword for

the immediate future. More focus will be on providing battery solutions which

aid the incorporation and utilization of renewable energy sources. Our focus in

2009-10 will be expansion of service network to ensure prompt quality delivery

to our esteemed partners even in the remotest places, and providing technology

based solutions which are robust, highly reliable, and opex efficient. We may

attempt in selling the back up time of our batteries, rather than batteries that

will help bringing down the operating costs incurred by telcos on account of

passive infrastructure.

What's happening on the green front?

We have developed Tubular Gel VRLA batteries, which are compatible with

solar and wind applications, and capable of withstanding frequent deep cycling

and high operating temperatures. These have been field tested in telecom

application and are recommended by TEC/ DoT in addition to being approved by

MNRE. Also, we are offering a free cooling unit (absolutely no emission of green

house gases) and monopole spun concrete towers in our current product range as a

complimentary range of green products assisting batteries in providing efficient

back up in environmental-friendly conditions.

Arpita Prem