Success of 3G lies in making it affordable to the middle class in India

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

What are the key challenges before service providers as India prepares for

a move toward 3G?

One big challenge that I see is building or using an efficient and low-cost

backhaul infrastructure that will allow the service providers to rollout 3G

services at reasonable costs and develop broadband as the main access the

technology in India. The service providers will have to innovate ways to be able

to use the same infrastructure for their 2G BTSs, 3G node B's, HSxPA, Wimax and

future LTE equipment.


What steps do you suggest for optimizing 2G, 2.5G and 3G traffic over

single next- gen network while still keeping future technologies cost-effective?

In my view, collocation will have to continue for a long time, as not all

the users will migrate to 3G immediately. Use of cell-site or hub-site

aggregation devices that will be able to connect to all transmitter types (TDM,

ATM, Ethernet, IP), using any available access networks-TDM, ATM, Ethernet or

IP, over any available access link like wireless, fiber, copper, PDH and SDH,

will be a handy solution.

RAD Data Communications has twenty-three offices in six continents.

According to you, which is the strongest market? What is India's position?

At present, Western Europe is undoubtedly the top market for us followed by



What new products do you have to offer in India?

For India, we are looking at Ethernet Access products supporting Carrier

Ethernet access over bonded E1s, over SHDSL.bis technologies, and over fiber. We

also have new pseudo wire devices that allow PDH, SDH and ATM over packet

network and new fiber aggregators. New central sites, and concentration devices

are among other products for this market.

What is your area of focus this year?

This year, we want to concentrate on Carrier Ethernet Access solutions over

any available access lines and networks. Mobile backhaul and business VoIP

solutions are in our priority list. As far as the business model is concerned we

aim to develop cost-optimized products for the Indian marketplace.

What are your suggestions on pricing for 3G?

The success of 3G in India will depend on pricing. If the technology is made

affordable to the middle class in India, it will definitely pick up.

Heena Jhingan