5G Rollout

NXP debuts new series of Programmable Baseband Processors for the 5G Access

NXP Semiconductors announced a new series of Layerscape Access processors, designed for 5G Access Edge applications at World Mobile Congress. These new Layerscape Access processors target a variety of deployment scenarios compliant with O-RAN Alliance specifications, including Central Units/Distributed Units (CU/DU), Radio Units (RUs), along with Integrated Small Cells and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) systems.

NXP Layerscape Access processors deliver unprecedented control over 5G-NR software architecture to support different network options. A primary challenge in 5G development is how to build-out the network infrastructure where there are a variety of architectures, spectrum, and evolving standards. With these new programmable, open-architecture, and scalable-Layerscape Access products, NXP helps deliver on the 5G promise.

Key Layerscape Access features: 

Innovative, software-defined baseband processors with integrated programmable vector engines; supporting evolving standards and deployment configurations.

Advanced data converters deliver flexible sub-6GHz or mmWave 5G radio options, reduces bill-of-materials (BOM) cost, power, and complexity.

Zero I/F interface for low-power, flexible mix-and-match vendor transceiver options from sub-6GHz to mmWave.

New Layerscape Access Families: 

LA1200 family– software-defined baseband processors for mmWave or sub-6GHz: RUs, Integrated Small Cells, and CPEs. These teraflop-class devices, with integrated forward error correction, are also ideal for DU offload applications.

LA9350 family– a cost-effective programmable baseband processor. This family addresses lower transceiver density 5G sub-6GHz and millimeter-wave markets such as RUs or enterprise and industrial applications.

LA9310 family– NXP’s most power-efficient software-defined baseband processors designed for 5G timing detection, aerospace, and defense applications

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