Mega Event in Singapore

Come June and Singapore
will witness two mega events–Broadcast Asia 2000 and
Communication Asia 2000–organized by Singapore Exhibition
Services Pte Ltd. Scheduled for 6-9 June 2000, the exhibition
will focus on mobile communications and m-commerce, networking,
e-commerce, Internet, computer graphics, animation satellite,
sound, film, and video. With an exhibition space of 68,400
square meters and a participation of 1,780 companies, the event
is moving for a mega event in Asia Pacific. Stephen Tan,
managing director, Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd was
recently in India for the awareness of the event among Indian
visitors. Excerpts of the interview:

Major highlights of the event:

All the new technologies
that are presently talked about are on display–bluetooth,
e-business, cyber banking, smart card, and info security. There
is a forum on ATIE and IMT 2000.

Size of the show in terms of

The 2000 show will collect
revenue of S$12 million, which is an increase of 25 percent over
last year.

Comparing Asia Telecom in Hong
Kong with Singapore exhibition:

Major companies will be
there in Singapore and many of them perceive it more to be a
business exhibitor. In Asia Telecom event conducted by ITU most
companies participate to maintain the protocol. This year we
have support of Samsung and 3Com with almost all the big players
in the communications and broadcasting event already
participating in the event.

Number of Indian companies

In total 18 companies are
participating of which ten are participating directly. In
broadcast exhibition the companies participating are Bharat
Electronics, Broadcast Engineering Consultants India, Braman
India, and Sectron India Ltd. In communication event the
companies participating are Zoom Technologies, LPG Telecom
India, GNB Technologies, Pouyet Communication, Sun Microsystems,
and Communications Today.

Reason for bad response from

Indian companies do not
seem to be interested in East Asian market.

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