VideoMeet adds more feature

Made in India VideoMeet strengthens host with more control and array of features

VideoMeet has rolled out a series of new features for Admins / Hosts to manage participants better along with easing out the remote working for its users.

The application has been constantly introducing updates based on the feedback from its participants and as per the changing industry standards.

As per the present times, offices begin to reopen in a fragmented manner; with some of the staff still operating from their homes the need to upgrade the conferencing features was inevitable.

Amid the clutter of managing people from both online and offline settings, the role of the host becomes more crucial.

VideoMeet’s team took the onus to make this experience convenient for hosts and thereby introduced a series of host-centric features.

Some of the features available for the Host to have control over a large number of participants and for establishing a smooth flow of the meeting are:

Adding and managing the panelists

Granting microphone/camera permission to participants

Screen sharing with Audio

Event recording

Granting moderator/co-host rights to others

VideoMeet Own Custom Streaming Service

Attendance report with time and source information.

No number of Attendee limitation

Also, an additional feature that allows the host to overcome the interruptions in the network is he/she will remain, host, if the network gets disrupted.

Elaborating on the app’s increased acceptance and the different kinds of users’ engagement received on the application Dr. Ajay Data, Founder, VideoMeet, said, “ VideoMeet since the months of lockdown has seen increased usage in the sectors of health, education, and corporates.

Our efforts when got recognition from MeitY, acted as an innate motivation to strive for better. This spark has made us come so far and develop updates with the changing preferences of users to deliver them a seamless video conferencing experience.”

VideoMeet in order to accommodate the growing culture of video meetings and conferences is also allowing live streaming of events, with logo management and background branding for improved aesthetic purposes.

In its recent update, an interesting feature of downloading chat file and recording of the entire meeting is also added in the ‘Manage Room’ section. The application allows the hosting of meetings for thousands of attendees at once with simple link sharing.

A list of participants can be downloaded in Excel format to maintain a database for future references.

The meetings can also be scheduled, via three modes available that are Conference, Webinar, and Sensitive Meeting mode.

It also comes with the ease of switching between Low Definition, Standard Definition, and High Definition modes as per the data speed available for each user.

Capture email addresses or mandatory registrations are options available to host.

All these arrays of features have been thoughtfully developed and integrated into the application to make the application more accessible and a go-to option for virtual meetings.

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