LogMeIn launches cloud based apps for iOS

VoicenData Bureau
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LogMeIn has unveiled a free mobile app to bring its remote desktop capabilities for iPads and iPhones. The app is the latest move by the company to bring its cloud-based, essential remote services to new audiences through feature-rich free offerings.


The new app lets any iOS owner remotely view, access and control their PCs or Macs from their iPad or iPhone. It works with the company's flagship free remote access offering 'LogMeIn Free' providing iOS users unlimited free mobile access to their remote computers, anywhere with an internet connection.

''By combining our mobile and free service strengths, we can bring the benefits of top-shelf remote access to virtually anyone and everyone with an iPhone or iPad,'' said Michael Simon, president and CEO of LogMeIn.

The users can also upgrade to a new version of 'LogMeIn Pro,' the company's premium remote access software, and enjoy additional remote access capabilities.


The free app provides the users with the access to unlimited number of PCs and Macs from their iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) through a secure and connection (AES 256-bit encryption, SSL/TLS intrusion detection).

It also provides the consumers to remotely view and control their PCs and Macs and run their computer-based business applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, etc. on their iOS device.

LogMeIn Pro users get all the benefits and capabilities of LogMeIn free as well as a new High Definition (HD) remote control, optimized for streaming video and audio content from their PCs to their iOS devices.

Along with this it offers cloud storage integration to quickly and seamlessly view, copy, transfer and save files between iOS devices, personal or work computers, and popular cloud services.