It is imperative that the services are region focused

VoicenData Bureau
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What kind of services do you provide through your medium-on-mobile MyToday


MyToday Dailies are a highly effective medium to communicate directly and
instantly with the literate audiences, with high disposable incomes. It offers

options like click-to-call, click-to-buy, click-to-SMS, and click-to-URL, making

it a highly participative media vehicle. MyToday operates on different channels

of information including news alerts, breaking news, cricket updates, daily

jokes, beauty care, star sign forecast etc. It is working as a simple and

convenient mass medium to reach most geographical and demographic markets in



What are your plans for the future?

For the Indian market, it is the convenience which holds the key; Indian

consumers want to stay informed even while they are mobile. Hence, for this, we

are planning to offer services to not only those consumers that have GPRS-enabled

mobile phones but also for those that don't have any GPRS access. Consumers

having GPRS access in their mobile phones can easily fetch information by

clicking simultaneously furnished links.

On the other hand, consumers not having GPRS access can get the detailed

information about any of the news by sending back a particular subject line SMS

to MyToday.

Abhijit Saxena

CEO, Netcore Solutions


What is your expansion and marketing strategy?

We already have a strong subscriber base and are in the capacity to boast

that it is growing manifold. Regarding expansion plans, we are strongly

expanding in India and other countries. For tapping the Indian market, it is

imperative that the services should be region focused and target specific

groups, especially the younger generation. Therefore, we are going to offer our

services in various regional languages like Hindi, Kannad, Malayalam and Telegu.

We have a wide range of solutions that will cater to almost every need you may

have-be it as an enterprise, advertiser or as an everyday consumer.

What is your future vision?

Netcore offers a variety of affordable solutions, which can be customized to
meet your needs and provide you with a world-class, one-stop messaging platform.

My future vision is-how can I rule every person holding a mobile phone, to

provide all that he could possibly want and to take care of his mobile-and I am

very sure that in the next five years I will achieve this. The Indian market has

all the potential to grow making it the right time to explore this market. The

future of mobile marketing in India seems to be very bright.

Arpita Prem