HP and Alcatel-Lucent unveil data solution

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HP and Alcatel-Lucent have launched Data Center Network Connect (DCNC) a jointly developed solution, for organizations to move, store and access information by incorporating data center infrastructure technology and communications networks.


The new HP and Alcatel-Lucent's Data Center Network Connect (DCNC) is an integrated architecture that brings together the strengths of data center technology with high-performance communications networks to offer enterprises the same levels of reliability, speed and capacity that are available on telecommunication service provider networks now at substantially lower cost, said the companies.

The solution possesses capabilities like service routing, switching and optical transport in order to meet the growing demands of the customers in sectors like financial services, health care and media industry, where speed and bandwidth capacity are important for the delivery of services.

''Clients are creating vast amounts of information that needs to be resourced, distributed and shared without compromising the quality.HP and Alcatel-Lucent provide clients a way to securely share extremely high volumes of data between data center sites when and where it’s needed in an instant,'' said Arthur Filip, VP and GM, technology consulting, HP.

''Alcatel-Lucent and HP's solution is based on technology engineered to satisfy telecommunications service providers that expect their networks to perform with exceptional reliability and meet their needs far into the future,'' said Philippe Keryer, president, networks group, Alcatel-Lucent.

The solution supports data center demands such as consolidation, business continuity and security, and is expected to be available globally by the end of the year.