Gian Dilawari

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Gian Dilawari is known for his several roles as the former

CTO of Cable and Wireless, USA. He was president, Cable and Wireless Prepaid

Services; co-founder and president of Gemplex Internet. Presently he is

president of TravTech, Inc. Dilawari held many senior executive roles and had a

successful 23-year tenure at Cable & Wireless USA, where he established and

led numerous large scale multinational telecommunications projects and

innovative business initiatives.

Under Dilawari's leadership, Cable & Wireless developed significant

capabilities in both voice and data services including Global ATM, global

managed data services, and the Cable & Wireless Internet Exchange (CWIX)

service. He also evaluated how capitalizing on new technology developments would

impact C&W USA's organizations at a time when the Internet was emerging as

a powerful new force in the industry. Dilawari completed his mechanical

engineering studies in New Delhi, India, and received his Bsc in electrical

engineering from Catholic University in Washington, DC.