Elitecore rolls out WiMax in 18 months

Elitecore Technologies has announced 10 successful WiMAX roll outs in SEA, APAC & Eastern Europe regions in 18 months. Elitecore WiMax CSN platform is interoperable with leading ASN gateway, DPI, OMA-DM server supporting a truly open WiMax ecosystem.

Elitecore offers a Pre-integrated WiMAX CSN Platform, AAA, Policy Manager (PCRF), BSS, Customer care, Rating & Charging (OCS) enabling faster roll out and flexibility to select the complete solution or just components. Elitecore WiMax CSN supports Retail WiMax Services such as Wireless Broadband, On Demand Services, VoIP, Content Services VAS Services as well as Wholesale Multi site WiMAX Deployments.

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