Dr Srinivasan Ramani

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Way back in 1985-1986 when some Internet protocols were still

considered illegal, Dr Srinivasan Ramani and few other visionaries set off on a

futuristic path of bringing Internet to India. He was instrumental in creating

the Indian academic network, ERNET, in 1988 and the Bombay Library Network,

Bonet. Dr Ramani also helped promote VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)

technology in India.

In 2002, he joined HP Labs India, Bangalore as the first

research director, where he was instrumental in ushering in the next wave of

technology. Earlier in his career, he founded the National Center for Software

Technology (NCST) in 1985. His work at NCST covered R&D in the areas of

computer networks and knowledge based computer systems. Dr Ramani is a member of

the High Level Panel of Advisors to the UN on Information and Communication

Technologies. He is also honorary chairman of the Governing Board of the

Information Library Network of India (INFLIBNET).