Dr Rakesh Mohan

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Dr Rakesh Mohan is credited with spearheading infrastructure

reforms way back in 1996 that laid the foundation for several key decisions in

the telecom sector. The Rakesh Mohan Committee acted as an Expert Group on the

commercialization of infrastructure projects, and set the stage for assessment

of infrastructure financing. He also wrote against the concept of 'natural

monopoly' of telecom. Last year his efforts bore fruit as the government

significantly reduced the entry fee for NLD, on November 10, 2005.

Dr Rakesh Mohan has researched extensively in the areas of

economic reforms and liberalization, industrial economics, urban economics,

infrastructure studies and economic regulation.

Dr Mohan is currently the Deputy Governor, Government of India. He has held

the position of Adviser to FM and Chief Economic Adviser (2001-2002). He has

been a member of TRAI; of the Board of Governors, Institute of Economic Growth

and National Institute of Public Finance and Policy. As Secretary, Department of

Economic Affairs he was also Alternate Governor of WB and ADB.