Dr Inderpal Singh Mumick

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

Dr Mumick, CEO and co-founder, Kirusa, is termed as billing

specialist. His pioneering work on the Sunrise research project at AT&T Bell

Labs led Mike Miller, VP, billing, AT&T, to comment, "This changes the

paradigm of billing." The Sunrise project led to numerous billing

initiatives at AT&T and Lucent.

Mumick has also been the co-founder and CEO of Savera, a 100%

web-based billing solutions firm. He is the author of several key patents in the

areas of billing, query optimization, and materialized views. He has published

and presented over 40 technical papers in leading journals and conferences, and

is the co-editor of a book on materialized views.

Mumick's work on recursion in SQL has been incorporated

into the SQL 3 standard, and his work on query optimization has been

incorporated into IBM's DB2 database. Dr Mumick, a PhD holder in computer

science from Stanford University, is an international authority on materialized

views technology, and his work on materialized views has influenced the

implementation of materialized views in the Oracle 8i database.