Different models of cloud must co-exist

Both private and public clouds have well established undisputedly while hybrid cloud is yet to gain prominence, consensus panelists at a session on ‘Breaking the myth of hybrid cloud at the ‘Cloud and Mobility Summit 2012’ organised by a NASSCOM RIM Forum Initiative held in Bengaluru on August 21st, 2012. The session had put forth the real scenario of the cloud deployment in India. They also pointed out that different models of cloud architecture need to co-exist.

The panelists also accord that cloud technology has been over-hyped for quite some time and now it is the time to show its real importance and worth. Media, government, manufacturing and banking sectors are the leaders in the adoption of cloud technology in India.

In the session, Kiran Desai, VP & Business Head, Managed Services Business, Global Infrastructure Services (GIS), Wipro Infotech said, “Hybrid cloud is not a reality today. There is dire need for standardization. A few enterprises have gone for hybrid cloud without setting up private clouds.” He further added that both SMBs and large enterprises have tremendous interest on hybrid cloud but they lack clarity on how it would be implemented.

The panelist Suhas A. Kelkar, CTO (APAC), Sr Director (Incubator Team), BMC Software mentioned that hybrid cloud is adopted both as a top down initiative and also at grass root level. He said,” When companies use public clouds as it is cost-effective, many of the IT policies and plans go out of the window. And CIOs come under tremendous pressure, and they try to bring it back under the IT policies this is how the hybrid cloud took its shape as a top down initative and in most cases it has also started at grass roots.

” According to Giridhar L V, Head – vmUnify, MindTree, Enterprises should invest on virtualized servers and not exacly on cloud. For cloud adoption, enterprises should plan according to the capacity and utilization. He cited an instance of Zynga, which has gone in for a reverse model. Zynga had adopted public cloud to offer gaming intitally and later it shifted to private cloud.

SMBs are aggressive in the adoption of public cloud due to the go-to-market, cost and readiness perspective. Media, government, manufacturing and banking sectors are the leaders in the adoption of cloud technology in India.

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