Debasis Mitra

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A mathematic genius from Kolkata, Debasis Mitra received his

BSc and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from London University in 1964 and

1967 respectively. Mitra has worked on broadband networking and is at present

working on optical networking, IP/optical convergence, business planning of

broadband networks and combining economics and network engineering, with focus

on network congestion. His contributions to DSP and adaptive echo cancellation

were integral to the development of technology, whereas his work on network

synchronization was crucial for deployment of digital networks.

A self-professed workaholic, Mitra was elected a Fellow of

the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the foremost body

of electrical engineers worldwide, in 1989. He was also a Fellow of the Bell

Labs. Some of the patents that Mitra has worked on are for congestion control of

high-speed data networks, traffic shaping and policing, traffic engineering,

network resource sharing, design techniques for network, including VPN, and

power control of multi-service CDMA wireless networks.