Colas, NEC sign MoU for efficient mobility

NEW DELHI: French civil engineering firm Colas has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NEC Corporation for the development of innovative solutions for efficient mobility and car sharing in Tokyo.

Under this MOU, Colas and NEC will jointly work on High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) projects in France.

Both companies will develop a new image analysis system that efficiently monitors the number of passengers in a car from roadside cameras and encourages car sharing in order to contribute to the reduction of CO2, traffic jams, loss of time and accidents.

As part of the project, Colas and NEC intend to conduct Proof of Concept (PoC) testing in the Paris area to verify the benefits of their HOV solutions and technologies. Aximum, a subsidiary of Colas, will lead the implementation the HOV project in collaboration with NEC.

As a comprehensive facilitator of safe and reliable mobility, Aximum applies its know-how to secure and regulate traffic flow in constantly transforming environments, taking into account the entire mobility chain.

In addition to the HOV project, Colas and NEC will expand their cooperation in other areas, such as Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), by conducting joint activities and exchanging information.

“We firmly believe the integrated solution by Colas and NEC will promote eco mobility and car sharing, as well as contribute to smoother, safer and more sustainable mobility,” said Joseph Gandolfo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Aximum SA.

“Integrating NEC’s world leading image recognition and analytic technologies with Colas’ in-depth knowledge and experience in transportation systems will bring innovative value to the future of HOV projects,” said Tomonori Nishimura, Executive Vice President, NEC Corporation.

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