China Mobile, Cobham Wireless conduct demo of cellular IoT testing

BENGALURU: UK–headquartered Cobham Wireless has partnered with China Mobile to showcase the world’s first end-to-end demonstration of Cellular Internet of Things (IoT) testing technology at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016.

The press release said that to enable this demonstration, Cobham Wireless developed a multi-device emulation solution for core Cellular IoT technologies which is connected to small cell infrastructure equipment that utilizes Intel technology.

As a partner of China Mobile’s 5G Innovation Centre, Cobham Wireless creates test and validation tools to accelerate the development of next generation technology and enables the successful roll-out of Cellular IoT technologies. The results showcased at MWC Shanghai 2016 illustrate the significant progress that has been made in the project of the China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre and in related projects around the world.

Cobham Wireless is a member of several working groups in the area of advanced communications services, including the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) – where China Mobile is a major partner – and the UK’s 5G Innovation Centre at Surrey University.

“The successful demonstration of end-to-end Cellular IoT technologies testing is a great leap towards full commercial launch,” said Li-Ke Huang, Research and Technology Director, Cobham Wireless. “This type of innovation would not be possible without significant collaboration projects between major industry leaders such as China Mobile’s 5G Innovation Centre, where Cobham Wireless is a proud participant.”

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