Budget Reaction: Symantec

V&D Bureau
New Update

The finance minister has presented a forward-looking budget. 'Technology for Governance' seems to be the new mantra here.This has instilled a great deal of excitement in the technology sector with an array of opportunities. We are particularly thrilled with the Government’s all-encompassing initiative themed ‘Digital India’ which clearly enunciates a clear action plan for last mile internet connectivity, better

access to services, as well as IT skills development of local talent.

This is being further reinforced with outstanding proposals for massive investments in greenfield infrastructure projects such as smart cities; youth-focused programs like establishing new IITs and developing a conducive environment for entrepreneurship. These are extremely positive and encouraging steps and we sense that a

protected and secure information infrastructure will be the backbone for inclusive growth and development. It’s an environment Symantec will look forward to work and partner in.

                --Sanjay Rohatgi, president, sales, India, Symantec