Actis Technologies launches 3D Telepresence Solution in India

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

Actis Technologies have launched

3D Telepresence solution in India. This solution offers a new generation of video-based interaction tools to help businesses achieve the 'Collaboration Effect.' This phenomenon transforms a business' standard of performance by bringing together teams at different destinations for productive interaction and collaboration.

With Actis Technologies' 3D Telepresence solution customers will now be able to experience 3D special depth achieved by generating a life-size image.

Abhimanyu Gupta, director, Actis Technologies, said, “Our 3D Telepresence solution is a revolutionary offering in the world of Telepresence, because it delivers a very high quality interaction experience at a very affordable investment. By a unique combination of a 3D display system, cameras and IP connectivity, we are enabling participants to interact in high definition with true to life dimensions. This will also help drive down costs and CO2 emissions from unnecessary travel.”