“ABS India will tap Networking space”

How is the Unified Communications market maturing in India vis-a-vis Global?

Indian Unified Communications market is yet to reach an excellent place. Yet, India has picked up pace and it is maturing at a higher level. Globally, developed markets like US, Europe and others have made a complete transition to Internet Protocol (IP) in the past four years. But in India, the network is on Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) mode. Unified communications is being delivered on TDM and IP combination.

Although there is a transition towards IP and applications on IP yet it is in an evolution mode and has not reached saturation. Even in next five years India is more likely to be on a combination of TDM and IP due to the cost sensitivity.   

IP as a technology is not expensive but IP equipments are expensive, and this is a biggest deterrent. Due to the cost IP evolution in India is losing out. In next five years when the volume of IP grows, the cost of IP equipments may reduce and adoption will escalate. When the IP sets grow, it will boost innovation.

What are the trends in Unified Communications market?

A shift to IP network is the primary trend. Integration of both application and infrastructure on to one single IT infrastructure is gaining prominence. Organizations are keen on enhancing the utility 

Which are the sizable verticals for UC?

Large corporates are adopting UC in a big way. Government and public sector undertakings, defense, hospitality and transportation are the major verticals for UC. De fence was more con concerned about security on IP but the sector has exuded the myths.

How is ABS India performing in UC market and what are your strategies?

We are in the communications equipment space from past 15 years. We have maintained a steady growth and re aiming to catapult in to an exponential growth rate. We are enhancing both the sales and service team. In next couple of years, we aspire to see ABS India as one of the top three system integrators in India. We have the expertise with us — deploymental and maintenance capabilities.

Currently, we have 7 offices and have presence in 35 locations. We are expanding our office, infrastructure and people. We are investing on expanding the business and reach in the market place. Nepal and Maldives are the major markets for us apart from India.

ABS had not been a major networking player. As it is one of the growth areas along with the applications segment, we will tap the market. We are expanding on areas like WiFi, data networking. And we intend to be an end-to-end player in the market. We are currently working with Alcatel Lucent, NICE and Aruba Networks.

We are procuring lot of demo equipments, primarily to give hands-on experience to customers. We have a demo lab and training facility.

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