Zebronics launches ZEB – Fit 500 smart band with heart rate monitor at Rs 3,999

MUMBAI: Zebronics India, one of India’s leading supplier of IT peripherals products, has unveiled its advanced Smart band ‘ZEB–FIT500’ with Heart Rate Monitor, an optimal way to burn calories and improve workouts.

Zebronics says that the Heart Rate sensor supports both automatic and manual mode. The automatic mode takes the heart rate data in every 5 minutes and one can view the heart rate data graph on the mobile phone application. The sensor also works dynamically, means even when the user is running or walking it will continue taking the heart rate data.

In addition to the heart rate tracking, ZEB-FIT500 also tracks other fitness metrics which includes steps taken, calories burned, active minutes and distance travelled via the Step Pedometer. To help one stay active throughout the day, ZEB-FIT500 also gives sedentary reminder, encouraging the user to achieve daily step goal. ZEB-FIT500 monitors the sleep and wakes up with its silent vibration alarm letting one create the own sleep patterns in sync with the fitness goals.

Designed to suit the active lifestyle, correspond the band to the smartphone, and keep a track of the notifications and also calls with the Caller ID function on the band. Its Anti Lost Alert and Find Phone shall also helps locate the phone during SOS situations. The Camera Remote Shutter, snap the photos on the smartphone with the touch on the band. The band is available in shades of blue, red and black at leading retail stores across India for a price of Rs 3,999.

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