How Will 5G Transform the Current 4G Network

5G is the fifth generation wireless system for mobile networks, which aims to have higher capacity than the present 4G communication network. 5G will permit a higher density to mobile broadband users, along with more dependable, supportive device-to-device and enormous machine communications. Also, it aims to have lower latency and battery consumption along with better implementation for IoT.

Hence, 5G is one of the most hyped topics of discussion at Telecom Leadership Forum 2017 on 14th of December at The Lalit, New Delhi. Telecom Leadership Forum is an annual meeting of the Indian telecom leaders and other industry stakeholders. It is a platform to meet, discuss, and discover new and emerging business models, technology options, revenue streams and changing customer expectations. The goal is to assist telecom leaders to develop their businesses with better and latest services.

The discussions at TLF 2017 about 5G will revolve around how will the 5G network alter the current 4G network, service delivery and user experience? And how it will accelerate IoT along with the varied new arising valued-added services for various sectors including transport, healthcare, security, education, and energy?

The telecom leader at TLF 2017 will also discuss how operators and the telco ecosystem would be working on solutions for quickening the broadband infrastructure roll-out in the country? And how fibre will become the backbone for strengthening broadband infrastructure?

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