Want to Go Further In Your Software Development Career_ Earn a Degree

You can’t become a doctor without going to medical school, but you can become a pretty good software developer right out of high school. If you can create endless lines of code until they take shape in the form of fully functional scripts, programs, and software, you can work in the software development field. In fact, thousands of highly respected software developers don’t have a bachelors, let alone a software development masters degree from Maryville University.

However, like other career paths, you might be able to get your foot in the door without a college degree, but you will experience limitations. Few project supervisors and managers of operations in the software development industry have anything less than a master’s degree, so there are lots of job openings that you will miss out on if you don’t have a college education.

College Degrees Stand Out on Resumes

Software developers that don’t have college degrees have to make other areas on their resumes extra strong to compensate for a lack of higher education. You may have joined a bunch of clubs, organizations, and groups just so that you could list some type of credential on your resume. Once you have your online masters in software development degree, you can be a little more creative with your CV. List your past employment history, accolades, credentials, and skills in whatever order you want, with a master’s degree in software development front and center.

Study a Field You Already Know

Those who have a hobby they’d like to get more experience with, or even an interest in something that they’ve only read about in books, often go to college to become better educated. Then again, if you’re already authored software and know how to execute a command in a split second, you will whiz through your classes. In other words, going to school for something that you already know quite well will put you at a marked advantage. You can study coding languages that you already use to learn shortcuts or go over lessons that make it easier for you to improve your performance at work.

Consider Accelerated Class Options

Professionals who don’t have to be taught the basics of software development don’t necessarily need to start from scratch. You might get credits for life and career experience and end up only needing to take half of the number of classes that other incoming freshmen have to take. Decide on a college that offers an online MSSD degree and look at what class schedules are offered. Some colleges even allow you to study in a self-paced manner, so you can literally take a test at 3 AM if that is what is most convenient for you.

If you want to become a manager or work with a company like Google or Apple, a master’s degree in software development can help you to land the perfect position. Just letting potential employers know that you are pursuing a degree can help. By the time that graduation day comes, you might have already gone further in your career.

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