US Green Visor Capital invests in payments startup Simpl

BENGALURU: US-based Green Visor Capital has committed its follow-on investments in Flutterwave and Simpl, two emerging payments companies targeting commerce in Africa and India, respectively.

Based in San Francisco, Green Visor Capital is on a mission to help reinvent the financial services industry for the 21st century one startup at a time. The Green Visor team looks to back passionate entrepreneurs, in the U.S. and abroad, that challenge the status quo to better promote inclusion, transparency and efficiency through the innovative use of technology.

Thanks in part to the near ubiquity of hand-held devices with internet connectivity and the changing consumer preferences across the globe, commerce is increasingly being defined by the online shopping experience, especially on mobile phones. Nowhere is this trend more pronounced than in the emerging markets. Green Visor Capital has sensed that integrated processing systems that are offered to merchants and banks, regardless of size, and at affordable rates are missing in these markets.

As part of Green Visor’s investments in Flutterwave and Simpl, Joe Saunders, Chairman and General Partner, will join the boards of both companies effective immediately. Joe Saunders commented, “Both Flutterwave and Simpl tackle the issues inhibiting online commerce head on with elegant solutions tailor-made for the idiosyncrasies of commerce in Africa and India. My partners and I are excited to be working with both groups of extraordinary founders.”

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