Udyog Software incorporates GST compliant software in RDP tablets

NEW DELHI: Homegrown Udyog Software India Ltd has partnered with RDP Workstations Pvt Ltd. The new partnership will see Udyog’s uGST Billing Software loaded onto RDP branded tablets.

Udyog software is offered on RDP desktops and laptops. A combination of great software and hardware will be the key to ensuring GST compliance in the organizational procedures.

The pre-loaded application, uGST, lets users have a simple, robust and efficient piece of software which further helps the user generate GST compliant tax invoices, share data with the CAs and TRPs and allows for a better utilization of input tax credits. The software simplifies the creation of tax invoices because it permits one to store all the relevant business data in uGST while keeping the tax information up to date. With the change in rates, uGST will ensure the generation of final tax invoice at the appropriate rate.

uGST and the RDP tablets enables a small business with an ability to quickly view the information regarding what has been paid, what all is outstanding and who all are your best customers-all through a single dash board. uGST, provides you an up to date on the next action that is to be executed while being GST compliant which making uGST and RDP hardware a perfect fit.

Over the past 24 years, Udyog’s pragmatic approach has resulted in rapid growth enabling them to deliver sustainable solutions to their clients. Udyog has enabled small businesses to work smarter with efficient and flexible software. This software gets businesses to be compliant with taxation and regulatory issues through intuitive features and robust performance. With GST, Udyog continues to offer solutions that meet the needs of all businesses.

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