Top 5 Network Integrators

Wipro has topped the table as an integrator and has left all the players far
behind by the virtue of its three digit growth. The number two position was
bagged by Datacraft India after Datacraft bought the entire stake of RPG.

was a setback for companies like Compaq, Crompton Greaves, SPCNL and CMS as they
exited from the Top 10 club. Major gainers where CMC, HCL Infosystems, ARM and
Ramco, as these companies made a wild card entry into the Top 10 Club. All wide
card entries have had a good growth excluding Ramco, with CMC leading the race
with a growth of 107 percent. HCL Comnet and Network Solutions have moved ahead
with their excellent performance.

With convergence creeping in, Networking Masters’ has ARM as the first
turnkey provider to be featured in the exclusive club. In future, one will see
many turnkey providers featuring in the Top 10 Integrators Club.

1. Wipro Infotech

Wipro grew over 110 percent with success being attributed to IDC and ISP

is a chameleon of networking, in the positive sense. This is one company that
can be complemented for adapting to change–both in the market and within.
Restructuring for Wipro has become a way of life. And its ability to adapt
enables it to get in the desired focus and skills to stay afloat as the top
Network Integrator in India. Registering a growth of over 110 percent, Wipro has
emerged as the No.1 NI with revenue of Rs 269.77 crore during 2000-01. It has
done over 200 projects. The company is strong in all the market segments. The
success for Wipro comes as it makes its move from the software as well as the
hardware side. Its strength as distributor gets complemented with the software
expertise and vice versa. Moreover, it has the reach too, with over 170 odd
offices spread out across the country.


While all this has been a boon for the toplines, the bottomlines need to be
looked at. A break-up of its product sales revenue to its services revenue
reveals that Wipro has almost about 85 percent of its revenue coming from
product sales, while the rest 15 percent of its earnings have been on account of
consulting/integration and network maintenance and support. This figure is much
less when compared to companies like Network Solutions. There needs to be a
re-look at vendor-independence and a greater focus on integration services than
present. The company, this year, has already restructured itself into four
distinct groups — APAC, products, solutions and services divisions — to grow

aim is to be an end-to-end networking solutions provider to enterprises and
service providers. It has developed the specialized skills, has the largest pool
of certified skill professionals in all technology areas, and it is one of only
a few ISO 9001 certified integrators. Its focus on the verticals like the
service provider, outsourced call centers, IDCs, and its move to enter into
IP-enabled applications could enable it to sustain its competitive growth rates
in the future.

2. Datacraft India

Its success is attributed to its ability to provide a range of solutions for
complex networking needs.

last fiscal was a period of major revamping, for this integrator. With a new
chief at the helm, Datacraft has completed its smooth transition from RPG joint
venture to a wholly owned subsidiary of Datacraft Asia. After successfully
rolling out its ‘Millennium Strategy’ in the country, it has put its
business and process into place. Moreover, it restructured itself into four
strategic business units catering to different market spaces– service
providers, enterprises, iBoss and services. Each of these business units are
further divided into six technology streams, with clear focus and deliverables.


But, at the end of the year, Datacraft RPG, which has traditionally been a
WAN and ISP expert all the way, was affected by the slowdown in the ISP and
IT-enabled services. Growth slackened to 55 percent last year, with Datacraft
registering NI revenue of Rs 146.7 crore during FY 2000-01. And, what is most
striking of its previous year’s performance is that the telecom and ISP
sector, which has been a pot of gold for Datacraft in the past, contributed only
27 percent.

Datacraft consolidated its position of being the only silver and training
partner for Cisco in India. To its credit, it implemented India’s first
Gigabit Internet router for Cisco in India, in VSNL’s network. Another
significant project included the total network integration of an IP telephony
network for Xerox India Ltd and the first ever IP contact center project in the
country for Spectramind. In the broadband Internet infrastructure arena,
Datacraft carried out end-to-end ISP network implementation for BSES Telecom. It
has also designed and installed the cable modem termination system for Hathway
Cable and Datacom. Datacraft has also introduced operations support systems in
the form of iBoss.

Future plans of Datacraft, include the rolling out of STAR technical
assistance response center in the country and the opening up of a remote network
operating center.

3. HCL Comnet

Strong in WAN management, the company’s high focus area is banking and

Comnet is the only integrator that comes from the VSAT background making the
company very strong in WAN management, as connectivity is being provided through
a combination of VSAT, leased line, wireless based hybrid network and VPN. The
company is not only focussed on the Indian market but has also bagged projects
in the US, Europe and Australia.

The company did Rs 130.55 crore, registering a growth of around 121 percent.
HCL Comnet’s exceptional growth can be contributed to banking and finance
where company bagged projects of SBI, Bank of Madurai, Indian Bank, ILFS, Citi
Bank, CSE, and NSE (1000 VSATs). The company, also, has increased focus in
manufacturing and distribution, telecom and ISP, etc.


To provide the latest technology to IIT Kharagpur, HCL Comnet is in the
process of implementing a multi-service converged campus area network for IP
telephony, video on demand, etc. On the wireless front, the company has provided
point-to-multi-point connectivity to HLL.

On the ISP front, the company has executed projects for Forum Infotech,
Caltiger, RPG Sprint, Indianoil, etc.

Looking at the bottom line, it has been noticed that product contributes
around 62 percent whereas integration, consultancy, and network maintenance and
support is around 37.4 percent. HCL Comnet also did Rs 23 crore from Managed
Data Network services.

provide better options to customers, HCL Comnet has tied up with Gilat and
Viasat for VSATs, 3Com for RAS, Alcatel for MUXs, Motorola for routers, Nortel
for routers and switches, and Cisco for ICM, IP telephone, call manager, LAN
switches, etc.

To encash on the Ku-band, the company plans to provide low-cost broadband IP
services to be operational from June at Rs 99,000 and connectivity price of Rs
99 per day. With IP telephony and contact center gaining foothold in India, the
company is developing expertise to be a leader in this field.

4. CMC Limited

Three digit growth has helped CMC to secure a place in Top 5 club.

wild card entry in the Top five Integrator’s club, CMC Ltd, has made its entry
by virtue of its three-digit growth. The only public sector in the club, CMC has
grown by 107 percent and registered a revenue of Rs 114 crore.

South is a high revenue generating area for the company, as it contributes
around 32 percent of the revenue. Being a public sector organization, CMC’s 50
percent revenue comes from public sector and defense units. The company also has
a good NI team of around 200 people.


CMC believes in providing products according to the requirements of the
customer, so the company has tied up with leading players like Cisco for routers
and LAN switches; Enterasys for LAN switches; Nordx/CDT for modems, hubs, etc;
AMP for structured cabling; D-Link for routers, LAN switches, etc; and RAD for
multiplexers, radio and modems.

On the campus front, CMC implemented LAN project for Andhra Bank based on
Gigabit technology. The company is also very active on the WAN front and has
bagged RBI Infinet VSAT project, HUDCO, LG Polymers and ERNET. The company has
also bagged a lot of ISP projects of BSNL in the states of West Bengal, Assam,
Pune and Gujarat. On the VoIP front, the company has implemented a project for
GAIL worth Rs 8.71 crores based on Cisco’s backbone. The most prestigious, of
all, is the RBI Infinet where connectivity was provided to 37 locations and DoT
WAN connectivity was provided to 25 locations. To address specific market
requirements, CMC is establishing application specific development centers.

the disinvesment process of CMC moves according to the plan, it seems that the
company will do well in the coming years, as the company has received bids from
HP, Wipro, TCS and others. Any bidder will feel happy knowing the fact that the
company will get an easy entry in the defense and government sectors where CMC
has a strong foothold.

5. IBM Global

Wide range of solutions gives it an edge over the competitors.

Big Blue, business is as usual, approached from a long-term perspective.
Short-term gains are not for this huge organization that has networking
contracts that go all the way up to 10 years. And that too, not with any company
but with the likes of Tata Steel and Siemens as customers.


In 2000-01, IBM emerged as the No. 5 Network Integrator (NI) in the country
with NI revenue of Rs 109.36 crore, growing by 73 percent over previous year.
The start of the year saw Sanjiv Pande taking on the reign of the IBM NI/SI
team, reorganizing it in a new manner and calling it the integrated technology
services division. The strategy was worked out to include the product support
team in the portfolio of the network integration services group, thus forming a
one-window approach. This apart, IBM Global has two other complementary groups
— the business innovation group, which includes ERP practice, supply chain and
consulting practice, and the strategic outsource group, which takes on the
long-term projects.

networking success in 2000-01, came from its ability to provide solutions in
totality, which includes business consulting and even an investment arm. Apart
from Compaq, it was the only NI which had its own IT hardware to offer also as
part of the networking solution. Its expertise covers a breathtaking range with
almost everything from IT hardware/software to networking solutions to telecom
technologies. With global experience in hand and crucial partnerships, this
company is all set to take on much bigger telecommunications projects this year.
Already it is well entrenched in the emerging ISP and data center space,
executing large projects like Tata ISP and Cyquator. The smart company that IBM
is, it is already talking of a business recovery solution that obviously targets
the ISP and dotcom sector, which of late, has seen a slowdown and is expected to
get consolidated in the current fiscal.

6. HCL Infosystems


For HCL Infosystems, network integration is a logical high that it had to
take in a network-centric IT world. In the process, it gave its IT services
customers benefit of a one-window source for not only IT hardware/software
solutions, but also their networking needs. This IT powerhouse strongly believes
that at the end of the day, applications is what matters to customers.

Insys has built a service model that utilizes all its intrinsic advantages. It
has a layer of IT/networks support available in 151 locations as its foundation.
For this integrator, the emphasis has been on the traditional manufacturing, and
banking & finance sectors. However, it is aggressively looking to tap
emerging markets like ISP and telecom sector. It has already done a few projects
in this area, this year with the implementation of its own sister company HCL
Infinet. Likewise, this year HCL Infinet is confident of doing well in the CTI,
unified messaging and e-business solutions area, with the recent tie-up with

7. Network Solutions


The only one in the species of completely independent enterprise-wide network
and systems integrator, offering unbiased consultancy and services. That is the
prime reason why Network Solutions Ltd. (NetSol) has been most successful
integration specialist in the mission-critical environments. A look at its
percentage revenue share, demonstrates that banking & finance segments along
with the IT sector contributed to about 85 percent of its total revenue of Rs
84.39 crore.

has been observed that NetSol won purely on its technology understanding and
implementation skills. Furthermore, NetSol does end-to-end work.

This fiscal could be a turning point for NetSol, which is not only plush with
funds from the buying of the technology solutions group by Intel, but has also,
at the right time, managed to acquire WAN integration and converged network
integration services skills.

8. ARM Ltd


Advanced Radio Masts Ltd. (ARM Ltd), a strong technology company, today, is
one of the key players in the infrastructure networking business. Through its
integration projects, the company has done a networking business of Rs 67.50
crore. Bulk of its revenue, Rs 58 crore, has come from microwave radios and
optical transmission equipment in major telecom build-outs like VSNL, Satyam
Infoway, etc.

ARM is one of the very few traditional telco infrastructure providers, which
has transformed to tap the non-DoT market. And its efforts to build-in
sufficient experience in project management and execution have paved the way for
this success. It has tied up with Ericsson for ADSL, and Cabletron for routing
and switching, along with its own wireless/DSL portfolio. This year is a
landmark year for ARM, especially with lots of OFC deployments taking place. It
has to prove that it can deliver in a much more competitive scenario and provide
services for deploying cutting-edge technologies like DWDM.

9. Tata Infotech Ltd


The networking division of Tata Infotech is now known as Though
the suffix dotcom might be misleading, the group’s key focus remains network
integration. The only difference is that the company has forayed into diverse
domains, such as IP billing and messaging.

Though the company had grown by 62 percent to reach a revenue of Rs 65 crore,
the cash crush in the ISP market seems to have made a dent on its financial
performance. This year, however, TIL is shifting its focus on emerging markets
like call centers and hopes to grab a big pie of the services market.

STPI, RBI, LIC, BPCL, etc, were among the major projects that TIL deployed
during FY 2000-01.

TIL also continued to develop its core-competency in Cisco and Avaya
products, mainly, among the networking companies that it represents. And, it
also established a dotcom competency center at Mumbai to showcase solutions in
ISPs, messaging, billing, enterprise management, video conferencing, etc.


10. Ramco Systems


For this Chennai-based company, the transition from a distributor to a
networking integrator has given it unparalleled success in handling complex
networking projects. In fact, Ramco’s decision to be a focused player in the
area of network infrastructure, implementation, management and security has
enabled it to be at the top. And, its confidence springs from its expertise in
enterprise networking business. It has a networking team of 85 people and eight
offices spread across the country. This focus has given Ramco the necessary
muscle to be an end-to-end infrastructure and applications provider. As a result
of this focus, the company saw a total revenue of Rs 40.18 crore in the
integration business in 2000-01.

integration success is reflected in the way it has bagged some key orders like
BSE, BGSE, Saraswat Bank, Air Frieght, TIFR, NIC and NSE. Some of these were
complex WAN projects. About 58 percent of the revenue was on account of its
integration projects in banking & finance. This justifies its claims to be
an expert in the mission critical environment. The icing on the cake is the
recognition by Nortel Networks, which is the worldwide leader in the space of
complex voice and data solutions, as its key partner in this region. Other
partners include 3Com, Tyco, Check Point and Trend Micro.

Integrators List

Allied Digital Services Pvt Ltd
Contact Person: Sunil Bhatt
375, JSS Road, 5th Floor,
Vidyut, Charni Road
Mumbai 400002
Tel: 022-2074951-57
Fax: 022-2064170
Web site:
The Mumbai-based, Allied Digital provides integrated solutions for LAN, WAN,
internetworking and network solutions. The company has expertise in setting up
corporate Intranets/Extranets, VPNs, IDCs and call centers, and also offers
facility management services. With a direct network for 49 locations in the
country, Allied Digital has plans to focus on network infrastructure and
enterprise management.

Artek Enterprises (P) Ltd
Contact Person: Anil Gupta
45, Deepak, 13 Nehru Place
New Delhi-110019
Tel: 011-6483294, 6435330
Fax: 011-6216934
Artek achieved NI revenue of Rs 24.85 crore in 2000-2001. Clients in the IT and
government sector accounted for 65 percent of revenue. The company, though
small, promises to make it big, given the who’s who of its client list. It has
recently executed Rs 1.06 crore-campus LAN network project for IIT, Kanpur.

Bharti BT
Contact Person: Sanjiv Mital
1740/A, Maruti Towers, Airport Road
Bangalore 560 008
Tel: 080-5271001/2
Fax: 080-5271004
Web site:
The company has a strong presence in manufacturing, telecom and ISP sectors.
While 49 percent of its business came from the former, the latter accounted for
34 percent of its revenue. This year Bharti BT is expecting explosive foray into
broadband terminal using low cost Ku-Band equipment.

Blue Star Ltd
Contact Person: YA Bhat
Sahas, 414/2, Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025
Tel: 022-4330789/4306155
Web site:
The company has tie-ups with Motorola for Vanguard and Juniper for carrier
products. Some of the integration projects implemented are Rolta, Lintas and
Bata. It seems the company is planning to do good business this fiscal, as there
would be good purchases on the carrier side for Juniper products.

BPL Telecom Ltd
54, Richmond Road
Bangalore 560 025
Tel: 080-5095130/1/3
Fax: 080-5594920
Web site:
BPL Telecom Ltd, claims competencies and expertise in design, implementation and
maintenance of complex networks, involving integration of multiple transmission
technologies using multi-vendor products. Advanced Network Solutions (ANS)
provided by BTL are focussed on building wide-band, wide area networks, and
voice and data networks for utilities and power distribution companies. BTL also
provides operational support to ISPs, telcos, public utilities, banks and
financial institutions.

Contact Person: R D Grover
CMS House, Plot No. 91
Street No. 7, MIDC, Marol
Mumbai: 400 093
Tel: 022-8380230
Fax: 022-8364954
CMS Computers Ltd., posted a total NI turnover of Rs 340.2 crore in 2000-2001.
Banking, finance and government sector formed a major chunk of its client. The
major project CMS did last year was setting up Tata AIG’s inter-office
connectivity and its data center. The project valued for Rs 3.2 crore. The
company has tie-ups with Cisco, 3Com and Enterasys for the entire range of
switches, router and RAS.

Compaq Computer India Pvt Ltd
Contact Person: V G Venkatesh
92, Industrial Suburb II Stage, Yeshwanthpur
Bangalore 560 022
Tel: 080-3374785
Fax: 080-3374601/4395
Web site:
Last year, after our analysis of Compaq’s performance, and also, after
reviewing information from market sources, we concluded that Compaq did not have
much to cheer about during the FY 2000-01. It registered NI revenue of only Rs
30 crore–showing a negative growth when compared to the Rs 60 crore NI revenue
in the FY 1999-2000. Telecom and ISP are the segments from which a majority of
its revenue come. And these segments were severely constrained when it came to
spending. What seems to have affected Compaq’s performance, is the fact that
big ISPs, which supposedly have big bucks to spend, do not form part of its
portfolio this time. Caltiger was the only exception. Even, it had problems in
paying up.

Comsat Max Ltd
CEO: Sudipta K Sen
5th Floor, Center Point, SV Road & Juhu Road Junction, Santacruz (West),
Mumbai 400 054
Tel: 022-6488666
Fax: 022-6488777
Web site:
Achievement of 1,000 VSATs in one calendar year has helped Comsat Max to grow at
the rate of 50 percent. Major orders bagged were ATM network for ICICI and UTI
Bank, countrywide WAN for Thomas Cook, secure voice network for DRDO and WAN for
Sundaram Finance. Though, VSAT contributes a major portion
of the revenue, the company has started providing VPN and IDC services to its
corporate clients.

Gemini Communication Ltd
32 TTK Road, Alwarpet
Chennai 600 018
Tel/Fax: 044-4662612-13, 4988798-9
Web site:
Gemini’s network integration business was worth Rs 21.06 crore during
2000-2001. South India remains its stronghold where it did a business of around
Rs 18 crore. The manufacturing sector was the major source of its integration
business followed by telecom and ISP, IT and the government sector.

Global Tele Systems Ltd
Contact Person: S K Jha
Global Vision Electronic Sadan No. 11, TTC
Industrial Area, Mahape, Taluka and District
Navi Mumbai 400701
Tel: 022-7612929/7684111
Fax: 022-7689990
Web site:
Global Tele-Systems has an expertise as a call center integrator and VoIP
deployment, and has done good business by bagging orders from Ansal, Cyber-Sys,
Renaconic, Spectranet, iEnergiser, Dell Computer, and Himalayan T Commerce and

HFCL Satellite Communications Ltd

Contact Person: Anoop Bhatia
C-66, Friends Colony
New Delhi 110 065
Tel: 011-6839594/6914296
Fax: 011-6911470
The company did business worth Rs 22 crore in 2000-2001, which was only a
marginal growth over its 1999-2000 turnover. The major portion of its business
came from the IT sector.

Hughes Escorts Communications Ltd
CEO: Partho Banerjee
Plot No 1, Sector-18, Electronics City,
Gurgaon 122 015
Tel: 0124-6398834-46, 6398852-58
Fax: 0124-6398840, 6398835
Web site:
HECL, the number one VSAT service provider, is transforming into a value-added
service provider by providing integrated services to the corporates. Growing at
the rate of around 35 percent, the company bagged major orders for Aditya Birla
and BSE. With the opening up of the distance learning market for VSAT service
providers, the company is focussing its attention of being a complete education
service provider.

Infotec Network Systems
2/1, Nemchand Complex
Escorts Heart Institute Road
New Delhi 110 025
Tel: 011-6824757/6916494
Fax: 011-6911761
Web site:
Infotec Network Systems is into system integration with a strong focus on
web-based business applications. It claims to be the largest enterprise
integration partner of Wipro Infotech in North India. It provides services from
conceptualization to implementation and supports the entire IT infrastructure.

Inner Frame Ltd
58, 80 Feet Road, Kormangala 7
Bangalore 560 095
Tel: 080-5711340
Fax: 080-5710566
Web site:
Inner Frame is the new name of the network integrating division of the Microland
Group. The integrator has names like GE Capital, CRISIL, Broadband Solutions, P
& G Hygiene and Healthcare, HLL and Heinz as its clients among others.

Nirmal Datacom Pvt Ltd
Prem Estate, C Wing, 3rd Floor, Sant Savta Cross Road No.1, Mustafa Bazar,
Mumbai 400010
Tel: 022-3734488-95
Fax: 022-3700938
Web site:
Nirmal Datacom specializes in offering LAN, MAN and WAN access solutions. The
company has alliances with global majors like Cisco Systems, Sun Micro Systems,
Extreme Networks, etc. With headquarters at Mumbai, Nirmal has branch offices in
Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune. This year, the company
plans to tap the data center and call center markets.

Pam Networks Ltd
Contact Person: VG Salimath
202 Prestige Nugget, 126, Infantry Road
Bangalore 560 001
Tel: 080-2865520/2865471
Fax: 080-2899337
Web site:
Pam Networks performed exceptionally well by growing at the rate of around 70
percent. The company clocked a turnover of 12 crore and its focus was more on
the southern market. Manufacturing is company’s forte and it has bagged orders
from Ashok Leyland, Grasim, NPC, BHEL, ITC and HPCL among others. To provide
value additions to the customers, company has setup a software development
center and a T&M division for maintaining of client’s networks.

Spanco Telesystems and Solutions Ltd
Contact Person: Rajesh Chhabria
B-22, Krishna Bhavan, BS Deoshi Marg, Deonar, Mumbai 400 088
Tel: 022-5958100/5557201
Fax: 022-5958105
Spanco Telestems, a public listed company, is a Systems Integrator (SI) with
focus on telecom. The company has domain expertise in call centers. And has
tie-ups with Alcatel for multiplexers, P-Com and IO Wave for microwave, Cisco
for wireless LAN, and Agilix and Radine for satellite. Projects implemented are
ONGC satellite communication project, gateways for five ISPs and WAN network for
First Global and Times of India.

Supreme Telecommunications Ltd
Contact Person: RS Badwal
107, B-Wing, Mhatre Pen, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400 028
Tel: 022-4312211
Fax: 022-4314466
Web site:

A major integrator, Supreme Telecom, has made its entry by taking the telecom
route. Telecom and government sectors are the high priority areas for Supreme
Telecom. It is surprising that majority of the revenue comes from North and
East, while the average integrator gets its revenue from lucrative regions of
South and West. The company is also looking at the overseas market.

Tata Elxsi Ltd
Whitefield Road, Hoody
Bangalore 560 048
Tel: 080-8411464-68
Fax: 080-8411474
Web site:
Tata Elxsi Ltd, claims expertise in design and development services spanning
multi-disciplinary technologies that includes networking and communications.
Besides, the company is also known for expertise in system integration solutions
in CAD/CAM, film, video and broadcast. Network design and implementation are its
other interest areas.

Tata Telecom Ltd
Contact Person: R C Arora
2nd Floor Devika Towers, 6, Nehru Place
New Delhi-110001
Tel: 011-6424017/18
Fax: 011-6231973
Web site:
Tata Telecom has domain expertise in microwave, optical system and data

It has tie-ups with Sagem, ARM, Andrews, Alcatel and DMC. Out of a total
turnover of Rs 15.15 crore, defense contributed around 70 percent. Major order
bagged was establishment of UHF communication in different parts of India for
ministry of defence. Upgradation of microwave backbone was also done for Birla
AT&T in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The company has also executed orders for

Uttara Communications & Networking Pvt Ltd
Contact Person: DP Singh
A-1/134, Safdarjung Enclave
New Delhi 110 029
Tel: 011-6106002/6167233
Fax: 011-6167231
Based in north, most of the company’s revenue comes from the south. Last
fiscal, the company netted a turnover of Rs 2.83 crore. Focus areas for Uttara
were banking and finance, telecom and ISP. Some of the projects undertaken were
ACE Computer, Euclid India and GEIL. Uttara represents Teldet and Tainet in

Others Network Integrators

3 D Networks
102, Raheja Chancery, Brigade Road
Bangalore 560 025
Web site:

Accel ICM Systems & Services
160, Greams Road, P.O. Box 4532
Chennai 600 006
Tel: 044-8292496
Fax: 044-8290119

Andhra Net
D No 22-70-3, Mosali Kanti Vari Street
Townhall Road, Visakhapatnam 530 001
Tel: 0891-564825

Apara Enterprise Solutions
Oxford Towers, Suite 139
7th Floor, Airport Road
Bangalore 560017
Tel: 080-6634607, 6548975
Fax: 080-6656869
Web site:

ATM Fibre Com
E-51, Lower Ground Floor,
Kalkaji,, New Delhi 110 019
Tel: 011-6471048/6443277/6437251
Fax: 011-6461430
Web site:

Building Network Automation
No. 146, "Shantala Plaza
14th Cross, 8th Main, Malleswaram
Bangalore 560 003
Tel: 080-3313489/3444314/15/16/3348576
Fax: 080-3314313

Cable & Wireless
14-17, Commerce Centre
Ground Floor, Tardeo 78, Tardeo Main Road
Mumbai 400 034
Tel: 022-4973434
Fax: 022-4934342

E-44/13, Okhla Industrial Area
Phase – II, New Delhi 110 020
Tel: 011-6823031/6823032/6823033
Fax: 011-6823050

Chips & Bytes Infotech
625, ISS Rd, 304, Pandya Mansion,
3rd Floor, Marine Lines—East, Mumbai 400 002
Tel: 022-2068110/2001147/2002653
Fax: 022-2001147

Chipsoft Technology
F-124, Mohammadpur, Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi 110 066
Tel: 011-6176175/6176178
Fax: 011-6176192

Comptel Network Systems India
301, T.V. Industrial Estate, Worli
Mumbai 400 025
Tel: 022-4928544/45/47
Fax: 022-4930226

Computer Factory
89/2, Dickenson Road
Bangalore 560 042
Tel: 080-5566485/5512166
Fax: 080-5567426
Web site:

No. 4, 2nd Floor, Satthagiri Apartments
83 TTK Road, Alwarpet
Chennai 600 018
Tel: 044-4997012/4995685
Fax: 044-4995476

106 Embassy Centre, Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400 021
Tel: 022-2851548/2853107
Fax: 022-2850828

Datanet Systems
No. 4, Bannevghattia Road
Bangalore 560 029
Tel: 080-5588011
Fax: 080-5538010
Web site:

DCM Datasystems
4th Floor, Vikrant Towers, 4 Rajendra Place
New Delhi 110 008
Tel: 011-5719967/5719968
Fax: 011-5755731

Deltafull Network
C-18, 2nd Stage, Peenya Industrial Area
Bangalore 560 058
Tel: 080-8362378
Fax: 080-8362385
Web site:

Essel Shyam Communications
C-138, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase I,
New Delhi 110 028
Tel: 011-5799923-24
Fax: 011-5799926

Gateway Systems
"Express Towers", 12th Floor,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400 021.
Tel: +91-22-2046401-04
Fax: +91-22-2046413
Web site:

Houston Technologies
Splendor House
F-38/2 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase – II
New Delhi 110 020
Tel: 6843006/7
Fax: 6840471
Web site:

Chandiwala Estate, Maa Anandmai Marg,
Kalkaji, New Delhi 110 019
Tel: 6826000/6906245
Fax: 6826061
Web site:

Contact Person: Sanjay Parikh
905, Silicon Towers
Bh. Pariseema
Off CG Road, Ahmedabad–380006
Tel: 079-6467700
Fax: 079-6462200
Web site:

Intercon Systems
202, Thapar House, N-101,
Community Centre, Gulmohar Enclave
New Delhi 110 049
Tel: 011-6863917/6963754
Fax: 011-6850234

IT & T
D-30, Sector-3, Noida (UP) 201301
Tel: 0120-4442920-40
Fax: 0120-4442921
Web site:

ITI Limited
45/1, Magrath Road
Bangalore 560 025
Tel: 080-5366116
Fax: 080-5593188

Larsen & Toubro (Telecom Projects Division)
KIADB Industrial Area, Hebbal
Mysore 571 186
Tel: 0821-402613/561
Fax: 0821-402468

Leading Edge Technology & Consultants
32/3S, Gariahat Road (South)
Calcutta 700 031
Tel: 4835883/84, 4137566/67, 4724986/87
Fax: 4728435

Maitrey Infonet
34/1, Lower Ground Floor,
Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi 110016
Tel: 011-6535915, 6534896
Fax: 011-6535915
Web site:

Nelito Systems
A1/248, Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate
Lower Parel (W),
Mumbai 400 013
Tel: 022-4970335/4965254
Fax: 022-4965250
Web site:

Netlink Communications
Shop No. 5, Sasmira Marg, Worli Camp
Mumbai 400 025
Tel: 022-4988024/26
Fax: 022-4988045
Web site:

Netwings Communication
AK-105, Salt Lake City, Sector — II,
Calcutta 700 091
Tel: 033-334 2975/2977, 337 2909
Fax: 033-321 7695, 334 7718

Network Solutions
674, 6th Cross, 3rd Block, Koramangala
Bangalore 560 034
Tel: 080-5535228/5530151
Fax: 080-5520949

Proactive Data Systems
D-236 A, Sarvodaya Enclave
New Delhi 110 017
Tel: 011-6961588/1389
Fax: 011-6851689

Progression Services
Independent Electronic Module, Electronic City, Sector 18, Gurgaon 122015
Tel: 0124-6455067080
Fax: 0124-6355067
Web site:

Robotics Automation India
Poddar Point, 113 Park Street,
Kolkata 700 016
Tel: 033-229 2684, 246 6399/95
Fax: 033 – 229-6249
Web site:

Samtech Networking
DD1, Kalkaji Extension
New Delhi 110 019
Tel: 011-6485958
Web site:

Saturn Telecom
407, Pragati Tower, 26, Rajendra Place,
New Delhi 110 008
Tel: 011-5786109/5786039

Siemens (PN Division)
130, Pandurang Budhkar marg
Worli, Mumbai 400 018
Tel: 022-4987287/4962544

Contact Person: Shobhit Mehrotra
484-485 Phase III, Sector 20, Udyog Vihar,
Gurgaon 122 016 Haryana
Tel: 0124-6345100-09
Fax: 0124-6346422
Web site:

Tele Media International (HK)
909-912, Maker Chambers-V
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021
Tel: 022-2824577/88/584/2828691
Fax: 022-2824590

TATA Infotech
Manish Commercial Center
Worli, Mumbai 400025
Tel: 022-4933560
Fax: 022-5950318
Web site:

Tata Technologies
C/o TELCO Campus, Primpri,
Pune 411 018
Tel: 020 747-6058
Fax: 020 745-0180

TCIL Bhawan, Opp. Savitri Cinema,
Greater Kailash I,
New Delhi 110 048
Tel: 011-628 2255
Fax: 6242266
Web site:

Visualan Technologies
45-Madhuban Industrial Estate
Off MC Road, Andheri (East)
Mumbai 400 093
Tel: 022-8202688
Fax: 022-8368514

Telexcell Information Systems
33, Yusuf Sarai, Green Park Extn.
New Delhi 110 016
Tel: 011-6964070/6517120
Fax: 011-6852081
Web site:

Telstra V-Comm
SCO-21, HUDA, Sector-14
Gurgaon 122 001 Haryana
Tel: 0124-6301051-55
Fax: 0124-6301059
Web site:

B-138, 1st Floor, Mohammad Pur
Bhikhaji Cama Place, New Delhi
Tel: 011-6198623
Fax: 011-6198625
Web site:


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