Tagtual launches NFC business cards

Bangalore based company, Tagtual has launched NFC (Near Field Communication) business cards where one can easily share contact information with just a tap of card on the smart phone.

The benefits in using these cards are customers can carry one card instead of a bunch, every tap made on a mobile device is synchronized with the users phonebook and contact details saved (Name, Designation, Website, Facebook ID, Phone number, Email etc).

NFC also helps to simplify the task of keeping address book up-to-date. Enhanced product reliability, virtually zero maintenance and ultimate data security are other advantages.

“These business cards benefit the customers in more than one ways and we are excited to have them launch in the market after an optimum period of trials and tests,” said said Sharjeel Ahmed, CEO of Tagtual.

The company is focused on helping access smart business networking through innovative NFC Business Cards which are cost effective, easy to carry, eco friendly with zero maintenance.

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