Tata Communications

Rank 6: Strong and Steady- TATA COMMUNICATIONS

Tata Communications due to its strong positioning in the ILD traffic termination is among the least affected telco operators. It witnessed just a 1% decline in the revenues against the previous financial year. With OTTs gaining momentum and data consumption on the rise in India, players like Tata Communications have a positive outlook as they would get more volumes of data to be carried over the international segments. However, with the rising voices about equipping the country with several data centres and restricting data emanating out of India to be stored within the sovereign, operators like Tata Communications will see newer growth opportunities arising within the country.

Tata Communications shall be among the top 3 competitors in the enterprise space along with Vodafone-Idea and Jio. Though Jio hasn’t started enterprise services yet, its Fibre deployment and IoT assets are going to mark its entry into the enterprises, especially the Indian SMB.

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