NASSCOM’s new President calls for Co-Creation


Reiterating NASSCOM’s vision and objective to be a $300 billion industry by 2020, the newly appointed president R Chandrashekar emphasized NASSCOM’s commitment to create an ideal market in the domestic technology sector and would not just remain as a policy advocacy body. He calls for co-creation in the industry.

He said, “The entire industry including government and IT players should co-create in the domestic market and work in partnership.”

Referring to challenges in the domestic market Collaborative approach is required and we have to find ways for successful adoption of technology that will have massive impact.

Positive Outlook

While addressing the media in Bangalore, the president mentioned that Indian IT industry is well poised to accomplish NASSCOM’s aspirations and IT industry is set to make a visible and significant impact on world. “Industry is fully capable of addressing challenges, finding ways and walk ahead. The industry has the scale, maturity and capability. I am very optimistic about the industry’s growth.”

The president, R Chandrashekar anticipates a positive growth for the industry. He said, 2014 would be qualitatively a better year and outlook is positive though there would not be a dramatic step up.

Key Focus Areas  

Alongside the key focus areas such as engineering and R&D services, and global in-house centers; NASSCOM aims to consistently work towards enhancing industry growth rate and plans to join hands with domestic stakeholders in creating a strong and sustainable ecosystem.

Speaking about creating a $300 billion industry by 2020, the president stressed, “This is not just a numbers game but it’s about what kind of changes can be brought about in how the business is conducted. Driving the demand and demonstrating impact universally and delivering impact is critical.”


He added that NASSCOM is considering to focus on various other sectors besides IT. Objectives of the associations are not different from the past while NASSCOM intends to have different approach to tackle issues and efforts would be made to address concerns in a different way to make an impact.

Nurturing Local-to-Global Plans

The association plans to extend its support to local IT companies in their endeavour to go global and in international ventures and embrace economies. Chandrashekar said, “We will enable Indian companies to be more competitive. It is a win-win situation, where Indian companies will gain along with others.”

Sharing his views on immigration bill, he said that the bill would be practical and it would be in best interest of economy and business.




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