Knowlarity undergoes makeover; cutting edge AI technologies, new brand logo projected

NEW DELHI: Synergizing with the rapid futuristic transformation, Knowlarity has rebranded itself. Knowlarity, the cloud communications services provider, has decided to completely redefine its look, vision, the entire avatar.

Knowlarity, in the press statement, says it is marching towards greater expansion, incorporating larger enterprises in its ever-expanding client base, and providing services hitherto unseen in the business communications domain.

Knowlarity, despite its pole position, has decided to sustain its dynamism. It recently reinvented itself with an array of cutting-edge technologies and process enhancement initiatives. This includes fostering in-house and market-oriented innovations, spearheaded by new-age technologies such as AI, elastic web architecture and implementing such state-of-the-art technology into various unconventional fields.

According to the company, the brand has, moreover, been successful in catering to large-scale enterprises belonging to diverse market verticals through its state-of-the-art technological offerings, while still being the choicest solution for small enterprises.

Commenting on the makeover, Ambarish Gupta, Founder and CEO Knowlarity said, “Innovation is a never-ending process, and following that route to infinity has led Knowlarity to where it is today, a domain leader renowned for many firsts. The rebranding initiative has been successful and has managed to perfectly encapsulate Knowlarity’s metamorphosis as a tech pioneer. As we leap into the future riding on the latest technology, it is our vision to usher in a new and more interconnected era in the realm of information technology. We are confident that this redefined identity will be able to perfectly convey the spirit of innovation brand Knowlarity is known for.”

Gupta revealed that the clarity and focus being the key principles behind the logo design, it has successfully been able to showcase communication and collaboration, the driving forces of Knowlarity. The choice of colors-purple for mobility, ambition and power, blue for intelligence, honest professionalism with calm confidence and a vignette color transition between them adds the required dash of dynamic progression and adaptability.

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