Karnataka IT Minister invites companies in Mumbai

NEW DELHI: The Government of Karnataka is rebooting its myriad technology events by merging events like BengaluruITE.biz and Bengaluru INDIABIO into a truly special global event, Bengaluru Technology Summit.

Built around the theme of ‘Ideate, Innovate and Invent’, the first edition of the Bengaluru Technology Summit will run in the city from 16th to 18th November 2017.

“The decision to merge Karnataka’s myriad technology events to a truly global event like Bengaluru Technology Summit is indicative of a major market transition,” said Karnataka IT & BT and Tourism minister Priyank Kharge.

“There are many moving parts to digital transformation, from the best-in-class tech strategy, dynamic startups to take it to the market and a government policy designed to give them full play. The state government can play a huge role. A mega event like ‘Bengaluru Technology Summit’ will help them familiarise with different cogs of the transformation wheel and help them think in scale,” Kharge said.

“The governments usually work like an established company in that they follow 80/20 rule of budgeting: 80% of the budget goes toward ‘keeping the lights on’, while only 20% is dedicated to innovation. Karnataka government is trying to change this paradigm and think like a startup by investing more on innovation,” the IT minister said.

“Bengaluru Technology Summit will create a truly global stage to showcase Karnataka’s prowess in ideation, innovation and problem-solving skills. Our vision is to drive Karnataka as a thought leader in emerging technologies across verticals — from agriculture to aerospace,” Kharge said.

The decision to host the ‘Bengaluru Technology Summit’ as one mega event instead of few small events came about during a ‘CEO Conclave’ when captains of the industry ideated on how best to aid companies navigate in these times of tectonic shifts.

Around the table were Karnataka IT & BT and Tourism minister Priyank Kharge, Principal Secretary to Karnataka Government, Dept of IT, Biotech, Science & Technology Gaurav Gupta and other senior officials who interacted with industry leaders on the nature and scale of government support required to sustain Karnataka’s golden run as the startup capital of India.

“Bengaluru Technology Summit will be a technology-infused conclave, with participation from technology leaders across the globe. Our aim is to connect technology across all industries and show it to the world that rules are being rewritten in the by lanes of Karnataka,” said Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary, ITBT & ST, Government of Karnataka.

Bengaluru Technology Summit is expected to attract over 300 exhibitors, who will showcase their products and technologies to over 10,000 business visitors. The IT conference will create a global stage for trending segments like Cloud & Big Data, Aerospace & Defence, Telecom, Electronics, Cyber Security, AVGC AR & VR, ESDM, GIS, Robotics & AI, Privacy & Piracy, Blockchain & IoT as well as host a Biotech conference on Oncology, Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs, Proteomics as well as Big Data & Analytics and IoT in healthcare.


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