Anil Valluri, President - NetApp India & SAARC

It is a sensible budget with clear milestones: Anil Valluri, NetApp India & SAARC

“The Budget 2017-18 theme is to Transform, Energise and Clean India. The focus on both physical and digital infrastructure build out continues and there are clear milestones stated in the budget for instance that 150,000 Gram Panchayats will have Broadband connectivity by end of 2017-18 and that these will be used to provide tele medicine and education is laudable. This is not a populist budget, but a budget which caters sensibly to the poor, youth, farmers, villages and infrastructure to propel India further every year. Demonetization was a bold move and so is the move to bring in transparency in electoral funding as announced in this budget.”

Anil Valluri, President – NetApp India & SAARC

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